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НазваHomesexuality (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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About Homesexuality in General




The Cases of Sexual Orientation.


Attitudes Toward Homosexuality.


Fay and Lesbian Families.


Fay and Lesbian Parents.


How Many Are Out There?


Relevant Issues.


Divorced Lesbian Mothers and Fay Fathers.


Lesbian and Fay Men Choosing Parent-hood.


The Children of Fay and Lesbian Parents.


Tender and Sexual Orientation.


Personal Development.


Social Relationships.


Children Born to Lesbian Mothers.


Implications for Counselors.


I. About Homesexuality in General.




Homosexuality is sexual activity between individuals of the same sex.

Both men and women may be considered homosexual. Female homosexuals

often call themselves lesbians. Male homosexuals sometimes refer to

themselves as gay. Scientists estimate that 1 to 10 percent of men and

women in the United States feel sexually attracted primarily to members

of their own sex.


Some people are not entirely homosexual or entirely heterosexual

(sexually attracted only to the opposite sex). Some people with

homosexual experiences or tendencies marry individuals of the opposite

sex and have children. Many people who identify themselves as

heterosexuals have participated in some kind of homosexual activity at

some time in their lives. People who are strongly attracted to members

of both sexes are called bisexuals.


It is fairly common for young boys — and, less frequently, for young

girls — to masturbate (handle or rub their sex organs). Boys may

stimulate each other in this way, and so may girls. Such activity rarely

indicates or develops into a homosexual orientation. In most cases, the

young people are simply exploring their own sexual development. See Sex



Some homosexual behavior results from the unavailability of partners of

the opposite sex and may not reflect a homosexual interest that

continues once partners of the opposite sex become available. Thus, a

person who spends long periods separated from the opposite sex may turn

to members of his or her own sex for sexual partners. For example, such

a situation may occur in prison.


Many homosexuals hide their homosexuality. Others are more open about

it. Many join gay or lesbian groups. Sometimes two homosexuals establish

a long-term relationship that is similar to marriage.


2. The causes of sexual orientation are not fully understood. Some

experts believe all people are born with a bisexual potential. But for a

majority of people, either homosexuality or heterosexuality becomes

their sexual orientation.


Most experts feel that a number of different factors can influence the

direction of one's sexual orientation. Some researchers have suggested

that sexual orientation results chiefly from biological factors. These

may include a specific gene inherited from a parent or the effect of

hormones in the mother's womb on the developing brain of a fetus. Other

researchers believe a person's sexual orientation is associated

primarily with social and psychological factors. For example, according

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