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НазваChristmas in the different country’s (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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На тему:

“Christmas in the different country’s”


Christmas is a peaceful, family holiday opposite to a fairy New Year
holiday, with obligatory Christmas tree. It sounds unbelievable that
people used to celebrate Christmas without a Christmas tree. But it's
true: a custom to decorate the tree is only several hundred years old.
And this custom was set up in Germany.



The first decorated Christmas trees were established as a fact by a
medieval historian in 1605 in German-speaking Alsace (territory of
modern France). The trees first appeared in the houses of rich merchants
and noblemen decorated with golden apples and nut garlands. Besides, in
medieval Germany they decorated not just fur-trees, but also pine-trees
and cherry trees and beech branches. It used to be a pagan tradition,
and became an official Christmas tradition only in the 19th century.

In modern Germany, among Christmas dishes, there is milled wine cooked
according to a special Christmas recipe. In addition with varying
ingredients such as traditional oranges, cinnamon and red wine it
includes other ingredients.



In December cities and towns of the country have lots of traditional
arrangements such as par-ties with colleagues and friends, decoration of
Christmas trees (the main Christmas tree is situated on Trafalgar Square
in London), concerts with Christmas carols played with traditional
charity fund-raising.

Christmas Day will never be complete without Christmas dinner. The table
is laden with food cooked especially for this day. The main dish is a
huge roasted turkey stuffed with apples, fruits, spices and cranberry
sauce which is a usual accompaniment to turkey. It is all followed by a
Christmas cottage pudding flavored by rum and sherry. It is common
practice to pour over brandy and set it on fire, and put it burning on
the table. In some houses it is usual to put coins inside which brings
happiness and luck to the person who finds it.



According to the old traditions of this country, early in the morning
people should bring firewood for the whole Christmas period - from
Christmas to the New Year. It is desirable to have seven sorts of wood.

They bake cookies and pastry of seven different types. When the evening
comes all the pastry goes on the table. This tradition to put all
Christmas food on the table appeared in the medieval times when lots of
travelers could come inside and eat. Fattened hogs normally serve as the
main meat for cold and hot meat dishes. They also should remember about
neese - a Norwegian Santa-Glaus. They cooked a special porridge with a
piece of butler inside and put a beer. Before the meal they normally put
Christmas candles on the table, which should be big enough to light for
the whole night.



The day before Christinas the Greeks traditionally go to the forest and
looked for the hardest fur-tree (sometimes it is an olive tree). They
chop it and bring it home. The tree is called "Christohilo" - Christmas
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