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НазваPoltava and places of interest (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Poltava and places of interest



Poltava was first mentioned in the annals of Ipatiev (1173) under the
name Ltava. This town has a great history that discovers a thorny way it
went along to become so wonderful. Numerous wars (the Great liberation
war, the Second World War) posed a grave obstacle to the further
development of the town turning it sometimes into a field of ruins,
however the town restored its beauty on a regular basis. The historic
document of the year 1641 claimed that Poltava became an urban center.
The spotlight of the history of this town is   HYPERLINK
""  a glorious battle
 between the troops of Peter I (the Russian tsar) and those of the
Swedish king Charles XII and his Ukrainian ally, hetman Mazepa that took
place 290 years ago. Over 4000 Poltavites joined the army of Peter I to
fight against the Swedish. The grand event ended in the victory of
Russians. That battle defined the historic evolution of Ukraine.
Subsequently, Poltava began to thrive. The architectural art was being
implemented in magnificent edifices. Thus, Poltava got the honor of
being called "little Petersburgh". Yet, during the Great Patriotic War
(1941-1945) everything was brought to null. Restoring the town took a
lot of time. In the year 2001 Poltava celebrated the 1100th anniversary
of its foundation.

Marshal Biryusov and what not.

The religious life of Poltava is sustained due to a number of churches,
cathedrals, chapels. Here belong the Assumption Cathedral, the
Cross-exulting Monastery, St. Savior's Church, The Temple of Faith, Hope
and Love and others.

Both Poltava's natives and visitors are provided with excellent
opportunities to cultural and spiritual enrichment owing to a range of
museums, theatres, cinemas. The museums of Poltava are welcoming those
who are eager to unfold the pages of the town's glorious past. The most
remarkable of them are the Museum of Local lore (designed in baroque
style), the Art Museum, the Poltava Battle Museum, the Art Gallery, the
Kotlyarevsky museum-homestead, the Korolenko memorial museum, the Panas
Myrny literary museum etc.

People can spend their spare time in a reasonable way by attending such
theatres and cinemas as the Gogol theatre, the Kotlyarevsky cinema, the
cinema "Kolos", the Philharmonic House. Quite recently (2 years ago)
there appeared the Palace of Leisure and Culture "Lystopad" where the
renowned Ukrainian, Russian and even foreign singers give their
concerts. There are also plenty of entertainment places - cafes, disco
bars, restaurants, night clubs, sport complexes etc. Speaking about
amusement sites we can't help mentioning the underground town "Zlato
misto". It is a posh entertainment and trading complex that includes a
few shops, a luncheonette, a disco bar "Eneida". Zlato misto can be
recognized from the outside by the two large glass domes. One of them is
prolonged and serves as a cover of the underground passage on the either
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