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НазваSome interest facts of Great Britain (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Some interest facts of Great Britain



Places of interest in Great Britain


I have always dreamed to visit Great Britain. Imagine I am there. I came

there by ferry. Speaking about sightsee of England Dover is the first

that I saw. It impressed me greatly. Now I realise why the island is

cold foggy Albion – because of it white cliffs of Dover. So London is

the next I visit. My dream came true. Trafalgar square with the monument

to Nelson in the centre. A lot of people and I am happy but I must go on

my trip. Just opposite it there is the National Gallery. Hermitage was

real in my life but now I can’t believe my eyes. Leo Greco, Salvador

Daly, Gainsborough, Rubins and other outstanding masterpieces are in

full view. Along White hall I direct my steps to Piccadilly. Every body

knows that Downing Street 10 one of the main places of interest of the

country because it is the residence of Prime minister. Piccadilly is

place loved by everybody especially youth. Because it is the place of

dating and no wonder – as statue of Eros is standing there. One of main

buildings of Great Britain is Westminster Abby. On the other side

Westminster palace is situated which is the place where parliament

seats. Big Ban is next to it. It is something incredible. A lot of

prominent people of England are burred at Westminster Abby. But one of

the most wonderful places of interest in my opinion is Tower Bridge. I

can’t help speaking about two residences of Queen – Buckingham palace in

London and Windsor palace out of it with its beautiful rooms and queen’s



And Tower of London. I can speak about endlessly but I’ll tell about one

thing – the star of Africa, the largest diamond in the world. I am sure

you wouldn’t tear away your eyes out of it. And as for Madam Tusoe

Museum I don’t like wax figures, but I am sure somebody found a lot of

masterpieces. Probably enough of this, next time I’ll try to see

something interest not only in London and its suburbs but in whole



The one more architectural masterpiece in London (the capital of Great

Britain) is St. Paul’s Cathedral, designed by Sir Christopher Wren – the

most famous of all English architects. St. Paul’s Cathedral is the fifth

church built of the same site. The earliest cathedral was erected in

604. The second, built in stone in 675-685, was burned by Danes in 962,

and the third was destroyed by fire in 1087. The Normans rebuilt it in

1180. After its destruction in the Great Fire of London in 1666, it was

rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren. It took hin 35 years to plan and built

St. Paul’s Cathedral, which was completed in 1710.


The most notable feature of it is the enormous dome. The Whispering

Gallery which fascinates all visitors is situated beneath the dome. In

this Gallery the slightest whisper is audible 100 feet away. In the

North Tower of the Cathedral there is a peal of 12 bells, while in the

South or Clock Tower there is the largest bell in England, the Great

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