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I am a student ()
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I am a student

I am Kovalenko Katya. So, I am a student now. Im a first-year student
of the day-time department. Ive entered State Tax Service Academy of
Ukraine after finishing a secondary school. You know, that was my dream
to enter this Institute. No wonder, as all members of our family are

My father taught me to understand and love mathematics. I realize now
mathematics is a corner-stone of all sciences. My father works as a
financier at the Planning Economic Department of the plant. 

My mother is a book-keeper at a book-keeping department of the factory.
She likes her specialty very much. I love a sister. She is twenty. And
she is also an economist. She works as a cashier at the post-office
savings-bank. She combines her work with studies at the Institute. She
is a second-year student of non-resident instruction at this Institute. 

As you see, I took my parents way. I worked hard to pass my entrance
examinations well. And now Ive become a happy member of the great,
young family of students. 

Many new things and notions came into my life with it. At first, I
didnt know what they meant. Now I became familiar with such words as a
freshman, a sophomore, an undergraduate and such terms as a
period, a seminar, labworks. I know what it means to make notes,
to pass thousands, etc. 

Im still to know more, and first of all how to save time to be able to
not only study well, but to take an active part in the students life,
to join some students scientific society and to sing in our Academy
choir, to become a member of our Academy famous football team and to
visit interesting students evening-parties. 

Im fond of everything at my Academy. I like its great beautiful
building, sport complex, its lecture halls, laboratories, studies. 

Im a freshman, as they call the first-year students. Itll take time to
take time to know everything about our Academy. 


. a student of the day-time department     ;
syn. a student of resident instruction; a full-time student 

2. no wonder    

3. all the members   ; syn. whole  ; remember: the whole
world but all the students; the whole family but all the books 

4. the Planning Economic Department  -  

5. a book-keeper  ; syn.  an accountant; a book-keeping

6. a cashier  ; syn. a teller; cash   () syn. money 

7. the post-office savings-bank     

8. non-resident instruction   ; syn. extra-mural
education, education by correspondence 

9. to take somebodys way     

10. at first  ; first of all     

11. ...became familiar with...   

12. a freshman  a first-year student; a sophomore  a second-year
student; undergraduate  student of senior courses 

13. Im still to know more      

14. to join some students scientific society   
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