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НазваState TAX Service Academy (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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State TAX Service Academy


Our educational establishment has a long history. It was founded in 1921

in Kyiv for training specialists in peat developing. After Great

Patriotic War it was removed to a small town not far from Kyiv, Irpin.

For three decades it was known as a technical secondary school, then a

college. And in 1996 it was charted as the Ukrainian Institute for

Economics and Finance in march of 2000 it has got the name.


There are four departments at our Academy at present: Law Department,

Accounting Department, Finance Department and Tax Militia Department.


The purpose of the Institute is to educate students to serve in the

branches of economy. The graduates from the Institute will work at

various branches of industry, agriculture, finance and banking system

accounting and statistics computing information, State Tax Authorities .

Our graduates are specialists of new formation. They keep up with

progress and are able to run in the ocean of commodity and market



The overwhelming majority of the students receive state scholarship and

are provided with hostel accommodation. The students have free access to

the libraries, reading-rooms, laboratories, computing center, studies,

sport facilities etc.


Many young people prefer to combine studies with work for various

reasons. They are admitted to the Institute extra-mural department.


The course of studies at the Academy lasts for four, five years. The

academic year is divided into two terms. The students have an

examination session at the end of each term. At the end of their studies

they have to submit a graduation paper and take the state examinations.

The Academy offers a curriculum of economic subjects:


Finance Statistics, Accounting, Economics and Management of Enterprises,

Enterprise Business, Labour Resources, Marketing, Computer Information

System, International Relations, Taxation, Insurance.


The instructors and professors of our Academy take into account the

experience of West countries in the field of training specialists at the

Universities of the USA, Germany.




1. to be founded – бути заснованим


2. peat – торф


3. to chart – створювати, засновувати (на основі указу)


4. to run – керувати, вести;


to run a business – вести справу;


to run a factory – керувати фабрикою;


to run an enterprise – керувати підприємством


5. hostel accommodation – місце в гуртожитку


6. have free access – можуть безкоштовно користуватись


7. a curriculum – програма


8. to take into account – брати до уваги