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НазваPreventive mfditinf (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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На тему:


Preventive mfditinf




Even in old times doctors knew that it is far easier to prevent a

disease than to cure it. The famous surgeon Mykola Pirogov paid much

attention to preventive medicine. The first attempts to carry universal

medical check-ups have already been made in Ukraine during the 1920s and

1930s. They were not successful as we had neither a sufficient material

basis of health care, nor enough medical personnel.


Today prophylaxis has become one of the basic principles in our medical



The medical check-ups of population arc carried in towns and villages.

The people having any diseases are placed in clinics and the treatment

must be followed.


We already have some experience in this field. The current practiced

periodic examinations of the population are, in fact, a form of

screening healthy people. Most of such periodic examinations are done by

special medical commissions, laboratories and other diagnostic tests.

First of ail "they examine preschool children, pupils, pregnant women

and others.


Mass-scale medical examinations are the practical method of special

clinics—cardiological, oncological, Т. В., venereal, etc. it is also

used by some other medical establishments — polyclinics, outpatient

departments, medical consultation centers and sanitary units.


Preventive inoculation with special vaccines is done everywhere. Tens of

millions of children are vaccinated every year against poliomyelitis,

whooping cough and' diphtheria.


Consistent anti-epidemic measures carried out in the past years have

helped to wipe out such dangerous diseases in our country, as plague,

cholera, smallpox, malaria, poliomyelitis, diphtheria; typhus, trachoma

and many others.


Each region, district and town in the country has its own sanitary and

epidemiological stations staffed with specialists responsible for

preventive medicine and sanitary control. Housing and municipal

sanitation experts have to keep an eye on the sanitary conditions of the

populated areas;, the water supply and sewage systems, and the purity of

water, air and the soil. The food hygiene services are responsible for

the sanitary standards in the food industry and in trade.


Ail these measures arc being taken to protect and build up people's I

health that is the greatest treasure of everybody.


1. What did doctors know about prevention of diseases in old times? 2.

What did Nikolai Pirogov pay much attention to? 3. When have the first

attempts to carry universal medical check-ups been made in Ukraine? 4.

Why were they not successful? 5. What principle has prophylaxis become

in our medical system? 6. Where are the regular medical check-ups

carried? 7. Where must the treatment be followed for the people having

any diseases? 8. Whom are the periodic examinations done by? 9. Whom do

they examine first of all? 10. Is preventive inoculation done anywhere?





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