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НазваThe way of life of americans. Features of character of americans (курсова робота)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуКурсова
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Курсова робота 

The way of life of americans. Features of character of americans



Part I. The way of life of Americans

American national character in popular culture 

Urban life of Americans.

Rural life of Americans and their character


Religion if Americans

Work and jobs


Health and income


Part II. Features of character of Americans

2.1.  Trust and hope of Americans on God

2.2.  Love pf Americans to their native country

2.3.  “Americans are vitally concerned in their defense of freedom”

2.4.  The other features of character


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United staffs of Comerica is the third – largest country in the world in
population and if is the fourth – largest country in arid. The United
staffs is a land of gnat beauty and natural wealth its people enjoy one
of the world’s highest standards of living.

The United states today has one of the world’s most varied populations.
At has been called “a nation of immigrants”. The Americans – as the
people are commonly called – also made major contra but ions in such
fields as technology, science, and medicine.

The American way of life is an expression that refers to the "lifestyle"
of people living in the United States. It is an example of a behavioral
modality, developed during the 20th century. It refers to an nationalist
ethos that purports to adhere to principles of "life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness." It has some connection to the concept of American

During the time of the Cold War, the expression was commonly used by the
media to highlight the differences in living standards of the
populations of the United States and Russia. At that time, American
popular culture broadly embraced the idea that anyone, regardless of the
circumstances of his or her birth, could significantly increase his or
her standard of living through determination, hard work, and natural
ability. In the employment sector, this concept was expressed in the
belief that a competitive market would foster individual talent and a
renewed interest in entrepreneurship. Politically, it took the form of a
belief in the superiority of a free democracy, founded on a productive
and economic expansion without limits.

Today, the expression has again become pervasive in popular culture, in
part because of its use by President George H. W. Bush, who has stated
that "the 'way of life1 of the Americans is not negotiable." The
expression has come to be associated with over-consumption, exploitation
of natural resources, American exceptionalism, and other negative
aspects of American culture, and it has negative connotations in many
parts of the world.

In the National Archives and Records Administration's 1999 Annual
Report, National Archivist John W. Carlin writes, "We are different
because our government and our way of life are not based on the divine
right of kings, the hereditary privileges of elites, or the enforcement
of deference to dictators. They are based on pieces of paper, the
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