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НазваKing Arthur and the knights of the Round Table (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Реферат на тему:


King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table


Many people have read the legends of King Arthur and his knights. As

the legends say, Arthur fought against the Anglo-Saxon invaders. The

famous Round Table was used by King Arthur and his knights to show that

all were equal.


Here are some of the legends of King Arthur and his knights.


Past I


King Uther and Merlin


Once there was a king in Brita-in called King Uther. He loved the

beautiful princess Igraine, and he wanted to marry her, but she did not

love him.


There was a magician named Merlin, who lived in that country. One day

Merlin came to King Uther. He said, "King Uther, I will help you. You

will marry princess Igraine, and she will have a son. 1 will help you if

you give that son to me."


"I will give him to you," said the king.


So King Uther married Igraine, and they had a son. They named the son

Arthur. When Arthur was three days old, Merlin came to the door of the

king's house. Then King Uther took the child in his arms and went out

and gave him to Merlin.


King Uther Calls Great Men


Soon after that, King Uther became very ill. He knew that he was going

to die. Then Merlin came to him and said, "Call all your knights and

great men and tell them, "My son, Arthur, will be king after me!"


King Uther did that before he died. But all the knights and great men

began to fight: each wanted to make himself king. Merlin took Arthur

away. He gave the child to a good knight named Sir Ector. Arthur grew up

with Sir Ector's son, Kay, and became a man.


One day Merlin went to the archbishop and said, "Call all the great men

o! Britain to London. Then they will see the man who will be their



All the knights and great men came to London. They went into the church,

and the archbishop spoke to them. When they came out of the church, they

saw in front of the church door a great stone. There was a sword in the

stone, and there was writing on the stone:


All the knights tried, one after another, to take the sword out of the

stone; but none of them could do it.


Arthur Becomes King


At the same time there was a great joust in London. All the great

knights jousted in it. They began on their horses with spears. Some

knights fell off their horses, and then they fought on foot with swords.


Sir Ector went to the joust with Sir Kay and Arthur. The two young men

wanted to joust, but Sir Kay had no sword. Arthur said, "There is a

sword in a stone near a church. I saw it on the way here. I'll get it

and fight with it, and you can have my sword, Sir Kay."


They went to the church. Arthur got off his horse; he took the sword in

his hand — and it came out of the stone.


They went back to the field. When Sir Ector saw the sword, he said to

Arthur, "You are my king."


They went to the archbishop. Then the archbishop called all the knights

and said, "Put the sword back into the stone."


Arthur did so. All the knights tried again to take it out, but not one

of them could do so. Arthur took it out again. So they shouted, "Arthur

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