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НазваMy native city. My last winter holidays. My attitude to sports. My last visit to the theatre. Holidays in Ukraine. My attitude to the learning of fore
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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My native city. My last winter holidays. My attitude to sports. My last

visit to the theatre. Holidays in Ukraine. My attitude to the learning

of foreign languages. My plans for future. My working day




Kyiv is my native city. It's an ancient city.


Ancient Kyiv was a large commercial centre of the East Slavs.


During the reign of Prince Volodimir the city expanded greatly. Under

the rule of Prince Yaroslav the Wise many churches and cathedrals and

monasteries appeared in the city.


There are a lot of places of historical importance in Kyiv. Among them

there are the Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra, the Golden Gate, the St. Sophia's



For those who love Kyiv so dearly as I do, it's very difficult to choose

some places of the particular interest.


If the day is fine and the sky is cloudless, I'd like to go to the

Golden Gate. It is situated in the centre of the city. From the top of

the Gates we can admire a splendid view of the city.


I also like the St. Sophia's Cathedral. Prince Yaroslav the Wise is

buried there.


Kyiv has changed greatly recently. There appeared a lot of small І

caffees, cosy restaurants, different shops and stalls.




I spent my last winter holidays in Kyiv. This year I did not go



Our winter holidays began on the 27th of December. On that day we had a

New Year party at school. We had prepared an amateur performance with

Father Frost and Snow-Maiden. There were different competitions, we

played different games. Then we had a dance party. That day we had a lot

of fun.


I like winter for a number of holidays we celebrate at the beginning of

a new year. First of all this is New Year Day.


On the 7th of January our family celebrates Christmas. I like this

holiday very much too.


The period of the winter holidays is rich in different shows and

performances. This year we chose the show in the circus. I think there

is nobody in the world who can be tired of the circus. I liked the

clowns most of all. Their tricks were so funny.


But the time during the holidays flies so quickly. Certainly I read some

books which I dreamt to read but I didn't have free time for this.


This year the weather was really New Year's one. It was rather snowy and

one day we set off to the Golosyivsky Park to ski. We had a nice day



I like my last winter holidays very much. I




If you want to be healthy, strong and beautiful you should go in for



When I go in for sports I feel myself wonderfully. I don't sneeze or

cough. I am cheerful, active and full of energy. In summer I go

swimming. I enjoy spending winter holidays in the country. There I can

ski or skate. Certainly it depends on the weather.


For those who have already determined to go in for sport is very

important to choose the kind of sport he likes best.


First touch to sports and games we make in childhood. In school we

discover our favourite sports and games. That's why the lessons of

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