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НазваTibetan medicine (з перекладом, питаннями і кросвордом) (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Реферат на тему:


Tibetan medicine (з перекладом, питаннями і кросвордом)


The chief postulate of Tibetan medicine: "Everything that surrounds us

may be used as medicine".


Apparently, we, should take this almost literally. The Tibetans made

medicines from raw plant, animal and mineral materials.


According to the World Health Organization, one out of every five

persons who use modern medicines suffers from negative, side effects,

Ancient medicine had no medicines that were toxic or had pronounced

side-effects. That is one of its main advantages.


Our preliminary, but far from complete, estimates show that the Tibetan

doctors used some 3,000 natural curative substances. Chjud-shi describes

114 minerals alone. They include many precious-metals and stones: gold,

silver, emerald, pearls, etc. It was thought, for example, that gold

extended lire, iron helped treat blood and eye diseases, and copper —

diseases of the lungs.


Insects and molluscs were widely used. The doctors learned to use nearly

ail parts of killed animals — from the brain and tendons to, let's say,

"a pinch of ash from the burned heart of a hare". And by the way, such

ash can contain oxidized microelements necessary for the patient, but

all that, of course, needs la be scrupulously tested scientifically.


It is known that Tibetan medicine has volunteered to play the role of a

first-former of a medical school.


It helped the modern medicine in treating different diseases. And among

the components of complex compounds we are focusing on medical herbs.

Various herbs were described in our new medical books. These books also

indicate which herbs in our country can be substituted for Tibetan herbs

that do not grow in our country. At present some 50 Tibetan medicines

are being studied.


But a huge abyss still separates the many thousands of experiments

conducted on animals from the use of Tibetan medicine in treating

humans. The ancient Tibetan doctors considered great importance to the

individuality of each organism. In this connection, we shall have to

elaborate a lot of "corrective factors", which will take time, of

course. But we are obliged to do this by the main commandment of Tibetan

medicine, which coincides with the primary rule of traditional medicine:

"Do not harm".




Головний постулат Тибетської медицини: “Все що оточує нас, може

використовуватися як ліки”.


Огидно нам слід сприймати це майже дослівно. Тибетці готували ліки з

природних рослинних, тваринних і мінеральних матеріалів.


Згідно (даних) Всесвітньої організації Здоров’я, один з п’ятьох

пацієнтів котрі вживають сучасні медичні препарати потерпають від

негативних побічних ефектів.


Давня медицина не мала ліків, які були токсичні, або мали явно виражені

побічні результати. Це одна з їх основних переваг.


Наші попередні, але далекі від повинних оцінок показують, що Тибетські

лікарі використовували близько 3 тисяч природних лікувальних речовин

(препаратів). Джуд-ші описує 114 мінералів. Вони включають багато

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