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The concept of FEAR in Daniel Defoes novel ()
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The concept of FEAR in Daniel Defoes novel




The World View Picture.


Antropocentrism of the world View.


The concept of FEAR in Daniel Defoes novel


Robinson Crusoe.





The world view is the universal schemata devoid of national

ethnocultural component. The point is that the world view is really a

common contrust for the community based upon the individual one. The

speaker employing it introduces his own opinion, interpretation. Thats

language image never directly corresponds to a certain object of

reality. It always contains speakers view of the object. And even if

s/he wants to reveal it with maximum resemblance to the original, its

impossible. In other words the language world view differs from

objective world due to the spesific features of a separate individual

culturerevealed in the language. During the interpretation of reality

some qualities of the object, which are of no importance, may be lost,

while the important ones are preserved. That is some information is a

basic one, the other new, the most important at the moment.


The problem here is that what is new for one speaker may be basic for

other. To solve this problem, linguistics proved that the only important

qualities of language ere those which are reflected in speakers speech.


To demonstrate the world view picture on the example, lets

interpret Robinson Crusoes viewing of the world. The example taken from

Daniel Defoes novel Robinson Crusoe is a good one because the main

character has an opportunity to interpret the two kinds of world. The

one is a modern society Robinson used to live in, the other is quite

opposite to the first one, a world of dispair, fear, anger, loneliness


Having found himself on a deserted island, the character of

Defoe gave way to dispair and fear, lost control over himself, ability

to think logically. There was something in his character which allowed

him to go through all the difficulties which he faced so many times. As

he said No matter how complicated my situation wasmy mind began to

struggle with the fear which preoccupied my thoughts. We can consider

the concept of fear to be the main one in the novel. Reading the novel a

reader can notice the change of the concept in the novel. At first it

was fear of being devoured by animals, thats the instinct of life

preservation was a dominating one ( e.g repose, but durst not sleep

for fear of being devoured; at the approach of night I slept in a tree,

for fear of wild creatures; the fear of being swallowed up alive made me

that I never slept in quiet; whither to go for provisions and whither

not to go for fear of being devoured; lodged in the tree all night for

fear of being devoured by wild beasts).


fear of human beings ( e.g. of the fear of men)


fear of God, his revenge ( e.g all life is the most destitute of the

fear of God.)


fear of death.


The main reason for the authors revealing the feeling of fear

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