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НазваAmerican life: living in the USA, basic features of the American, interesting parties of the American character (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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American life: living in the USA, basic features of the American,

interesting parties of the American character




I. Theoretical part


Living in the USA


Social customs




Sports and recreation




2. The basic features of the American


а) American national character in popular culture


б) Character of the peasants


3. The interesting parties of the American character


а) American Sexual Character


II. Practical part






1. Living in the USA


a) Social custom


Forms of address. In U.S. culture, there are three titles which can be

used for women -miss, mrs. and ms, and one for men - mr. The title "dr."

is used in academic settings. Some professors will prefer to be

addressed by their first name. In the U.S., people tend to be informal.


Personal space and handshaking. Americans tend to guard their personal

space. Generally people stand 61 cm apart. People in the u.s. shake

hands when they are first introduced. Touching the elbow or kissing the

hand are considered too intimate.


Hello and goodbye. Americans are friendly. Strangers may smile to you

and say "hello" or "how are you?"- it is a U.S. version of politeness.

In U.S. culture one "hello" per day is sometimes not enough. There may

be many hellos in a day but the good-byes are too few. One will often

leave the room without saying "excuse me" or "goodbye". Students in a

rush to get to the next class, may not say "good-bye" or "thank you". It

is customary to say "good-bye" at the end of the working day.


The U.S. Public Face. Besides greetings from complete strangers in

public places visitors can expect - loud laughter, singing, whistling,

yelling, running and skipping. Children may play ball or skateboard on

sidewalks. When people converse, they often use sweeping hand gestures,

use direct eye contact, and tend to smile a lot.


Speech. People in the U.S. also tend to be informal. They use a lot of

slang. There are also differences in American and British English.


In the U.S. classroom. Europeans are surprised by the teachers' informal

atmosphere of U.S. classrooms. Thy may eat, drink or chew gum in the

classroom. Teachers have a right, however, to ask their students not to

do these things in their classroom. Students also dress rather

informally. Students often wear jeans and tennis shoes to class. Jeans

are often purposely ripped for a "stylish" effect. Some students wear

revealing clothing -short skirts, tank tops, and sheer clothing.

Students also sk rather informally, sometimes on their own legs or

cross-legged. Students often rush to and from classes without saying

hello or good-bye to teachers. Sometimes students Come into classrooms

after the class period has begun, or leave before it has ended. They say

nothing to the teacher, since they may consider that interrupting would

be rude.


Dress. People in the U.S. wear different types of clothing in different

situations. Students often wear informal clothing. Professors dress in

more formal, yet comfortable clothing. It is appropriate to alternate

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