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НазваThe spirit of the Сarpathians. Bohorodchany (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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The spirit of the Сarpathians. Bohorodchany





In the southwestern part of Ukraine everyone can find the Carpathian

Mountains. They are divided into Gorhany (the highest peak Syvulia is

1,836 m high) and Chornohory (the highest peak Hoverla is 2,061m high).

So, the Ukrainian Carpathians are not very high. But this is a splendid

and unforgettable sight. The rapid waves of the mountain rivers clearly

break over the steep banks. The high hills stretch to the blue sky. A

lot of peaks are covered with snow even in early summer. Aromatic

forests greet you with the cool and heady air of fir trees.


The Carpathians have the summits and gentle slopes. There are many

treeless summits, which are called polonynas. The mountains have mostly

coniferous and deciduous trees. You can find fir, pine, oak, beech,

birch, hornbeam and linden in those places. The wealth of the forests

includes also a variety of berries and a great number of mushrooms and

medicinal herbs.


Among all this beauty many animals live. The animal rife of the

Carpathians is unique. We can find roe-deer, fox, marten, wild boar,

wolf, hare, mink, lynx, badger, stoat, deer, bear which dwell here. Rich

and varied is the world of birds. Black-cock, golden eagle, woodpecker,

stone thrush fondle us their songs and majesty. In spring the plateaus

are abloom with saffron, primrose, mercury, snowdrop, edelweiss.


There are many legends about the springs with the healthy water! The

swift rivers take their sources in the mountains. The Bystrytsia and

Limnytsia, the Svicha and Prut, the Cheremosh and Lukva make the blue

roads through the green forests and yellow valleys.


Wonderful and hard-working people live in this land of beauty called the

Subcarpathian region. They use the nature's gifts in their life but try

to keep its grandeur. According to the way of living, the people are

divided into the inhabitants of towns and villages. But most people live

in the villages. Everyone knows they are hospitable, friendly and



This region has a rich and glorious history. The territory of our land

was settled nearly 100,000 years ago. More than 20 settlements of

Trypillia were found in Precarpathian region in Gorodenka, Kolomyia and

Sniatyn districts. But this land is famous for today's national roots

too. The works of carving, embroidering, weaving, ceramics and engraving

are known all over Ukraine and in many countries of the world. The best

craftsmen make real masterpieces using wood.


If you want to see the old traditions, welcome to Precarpattia. We'll

teach you to dance kolomyika and to sing folk songs and carols, to play

the trembita and to cook real varenyky, kulish and brynza. We'll show

you genuine Ukrainian Hutsul wedding in their original costumes. You

will have a chance to listen to the interesting stories about glorious

past, nowadays life and plans for future of ordinary Ukrainians near the

real vatra. If you like different curious tales we'll tell you true

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