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НазваWood carving in Ukraine (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Wood carving in Ukraine 


     Wood carving in Ukraine has become one of the most exquisite and
perfect forms of artistic wood working.

       Judging from several preserved items, some purely folk motives
could be observed even in woodcarving of the Princely period. After a
long period of stagnation during the time of Tatar invasion a new
upraise of that art started from the XVI century. During the golden age
of the Cossack State in the XVII - XVIII century folk woodcarving in
Ukraine reached its peak.   HYPERLINK
"" \t
"_blank"  Door casings ,   HYPERLINK
"" \t
"_blank"  door jabs ,   HYPERLINK
"" \t
"_blank"  eaves of wooden buildings    HYPERLINK
"" \t
"_blank"  wooden household articles , furniture and house outfit,  
"" \t
"_blank"  chests ,   HYPERLINK
"" \t
"_blank"  wooden utensils , implements,   HYPERLINK
"" \t
"_blank"  weapons and military equipment  were decorated with
woodcarving. Woodcarving of church   HYPERLINK
"" \t
"_blank"  iconostases  and other items of religious use achieved
extremely gorgeous decorative perfection. The basis of those
polychromatic or gilded carvings made in the Baroque style was a
succulent and intricate   HYPERLINK
"" \t
"_blank"  floral ornament , which consisted of skillfully stylized folk
motives:   HYPERLINK
"" \t
"_blank"  vine , sunflowers, mallows, roses etc. those compositions
perfectly matched architectural elements of iconostases, which usually
were many-tiered. Those artistically and technically brilliant
woodcarvings acquired even more grandiosity and portliness in the period
of Rococo. The Baroque and Rococo ornamental forms and motives very
often were combined with figures of saints, angels, etc.

The period of classicism and Empire style did not displace the Baroque
and Rococo motives, but gave the carving more concentration and calm.

Hand and altar   HYPERLINK
"" \t
"_blank"  crosses ,   HYPERLINK
"" \t
"_blank"  pateras , candlesticks, church-chandeliers, lecterns, kiots,
grave and roadside crosses etc. are very interesting examples of folk

Unfortunately, in Soviet Ukraine the greater part of those brilliant
examples of folk woodcarving of a world significance were plundered and
destroyed by Russian Bolsheviks in the 1920th-30th and for that reason
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