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НазваThe Discovery of America (конспект уроку)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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The Discovery of America (конспект уроку)

Theme. The Discovery of America.


practical:   to introduce new words which cocern the theme; to practise
reading, speaking, writing;  to develop pupils’ quick reaction and
ability to select necessary information.

developing: to develop the skills in reading, speaking, writing; to
develop pupils’ creative imagination, memory.

Верещагіна І.М., Афанасьєва О.В. Англійська мова. 5 кл.; 1996 р., 336

2. Мюллер В., Зубков М. Сучасний англо-український словник – Х.:
«Школа», 2003. – 640 с.


I. Organizative moment.

Good morning pupils! Sit down, please. Today I’ll be your English
teacher and my name is Hristina Yuriivna.

Today we’ll speak about the discovery of America  and also about its
discoverer Christopher Columbus. We will have some reading, writing and
speaking practice.

II. Warm-up.

But let’s start from poem. As you know it is spring now and we are going
to read such a poem “Spring”.

1. Listen and repeat after me.


Spring – the season of delight!

Apple blossoms – pink and white!

Welcome, spring, with all your joys

For merry girls and merry boys.

2. Coversation

a) Do you know what are spring months?

b) What is the weather like in spring?

c) Are boys and girls happy to have spring?

d) What can you do in spring?

e) What holidays do we celebrate in spring?

III. Language work.


interested – зацікавлений

island – острів

settlement – поселення

round – круглий

discovery – відкриття

sailor – моряк

to reach – досягати

And now write down all the words.

IV. Ok. Look here and guess codified words. (See appendixes)

If you guess al the words, you will get known the name of discoverer of
America, about who we are going to speak now.

V. Work with the book.

1. Before-reading practice.

Practice in reading proper names.

America, Central America, North America, South America, Christopher
Columbus, the United States of America, The USA, the States.

2. Reading practice.

Let’s read the text “The Discovery of America” (see appendixes) (Pupils
read only the first item of the text, after that look at the map, here
they can see North and South America and the part of  the world called

Ok, go on reading (pupils read the next three items and after that read
a song about Christopher Columbus and his journey to America).

	Let’s Remember Columbus

In fourteen hundred and minety-two

Columbus sailed the ocean blue…

Let’s sing together this old song

About the voyage that took him long,

About the sailors, those strong brave men!

Let’s sing and remember them all again!

Ok, go on to read about the life and discovery of Christopher Columbus.

3. After-reading practice.

Say true, false or don’t know

1. The word America means the name of the country and the name of the
two continents.

2. Christopher Columbus discovered the new continent in 1492.

3. Nobody remembers Columbus’s voyage.

4. Columbus was born is Spain.

5. Columbus lived all his life in Italy.
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