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НазваTaking risk. (конспект уроку)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Taking risk. (конспект уроку)


Theme. Taking risk.


Objectives: to learn new world related to the theme;


to develop pupils’ reading, speaking, writing skills;


to develop friendship, memory, attention;


to discuss risk’s problems.


Textbook: Strut Int.


Equipment: cards, picture.


Lesson plan


I. Greeting.


Good morning! My name is Valentyna Olehivna and I am going to be your

English teacher today.


1. Warm-up activities.


Before we start working with our topic “Taking risks”, we will have some

activity. It is called, where am I”. I give you some pictures and your

task is to describe them. So, one of you describe it and other guess

what it is.


Let’s start.


II. 1. Developing reading skills.


Open your books at page 100. Here we have a text “Show-off kills 3 hours

after driving test”. You will read it in chain.


Pre-reading task.


But before doing it, I’ll give you the unknown words, which you will

find in the text. Look at the board and repeat after me.


accelerate – збільшувати швидкість


accused – обвинувачений


bend – схил


brake – гальмувати


crash – аварія


egg on – підмовляти


get through – закінчувати


give up – відмовитися


kerb – узбіччя


show-off – вихвалятися


So, open your vocabularies and put down the new words.


While-reading task.


And now let’s read and translate the text


After-reading task


And now answer my question.


Who do you think had most responsibility for the accident:


Oldfield’s father for lending him a car?




The driver of the Land Rover?


Heather and her friend?


David Cackett?


Choose the answer and discuss it.


2. Grammar points.


And now let’s learn some phrases:


I (don’t) think you should… Я (не) думаю ти повинен


You should fought to … - ти повинен…


You’d better… - тобі краще…


Open your copybooks and put it down.


And now let’s make up sentences using these phrases.


So, open your copybooks and put down the date.








† ? A










† ? ¦










f Ae <-x-?-ue-oooooooeeeeeooooooooooYYY






e board and write a sentence:


Я думаю ти повинен піти туди.


Тобі краще залишитись вдома.


Я не думаю, що ти повинен казати це.


Ти повинен взяти цю книгу.


Тобі краще забути це.


3. I have some cards with questions which I’ll give you. Think it over

for 3 min.


1. Why do you think some people take risks?


2. Have you ever taken a risk to show off?


3. What adsectives would you use to describe people who take risks?


4. Who are the worst drivers in your town?


4. Oral speaking.


Look at the board. Here is a picture. Your task is to make a story. (See

appendix 1).


III. Summing up.


So, today we talked about risks and show-off. We were very active today.




IV. Homework: to read and translate the text (p.100);


To learn new words.


The lesson is over. Good-bye!