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НазваУрок з навчання аудіювання (англійська мова) (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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реферат на тему:

урок з навчання аудіювання (англійська мова)


Текст для аудіювання

The Fox and the Crow

A Crow once sat in a tree. She had a large piece of cheese in her mouth.
She wanted to eat it, but suddenly she saw a Fox. The Fox came up to the
tree. He looked up  and saw the Crow. He saw the cheese also. The Fox
wanted to get the cheese.

«How beautiful you are Mrs Crow! What big eyes you have. What a pity you
cannot sing».

Підготовчі вправи.

1. Введення в аудіювання

Т: Today we are going to learn a tale. What tales do you know?

«Now you’ll listen to the tale The Fox and the Crow» But before that
we’ll make some exercises.

2.Зняття труднощів

а) Фонетичні

Let repeat what do the Crow (cow, tiger, han, dog, cat) say.

Знаєте, вовк з’їв бабусю Червоної Шапочки, переодівся в її одяг, Червона
Шапочка каже:

«What a big eyes (ears, nouse, hands, tongue, legs) you have!

Б) Лексичні

Наочна семантизація слів 

(Crow, cheese, mouth, eye)

Однослівний і багатослівний переклад.

В) Граматичні

Т: Put the words in to the Past indefinite Tense

To do - did

To  make – made

To go – went

To see – saw

To run – ran

To come – came

To think – thought

To eat – ate

To begin – began

T: Put the words in to the Present indefinite Tense

Sat – to sit

Had – to have

Wanted – to want

Came – to  come

Said – to say

Fell – to fall

Ran – to run

ІІ. Власне аудіювання

Listen to the text, look at the pictures and put them into a right

ІІІ. Контроль аудіювання

Діти розставляють малюнки.

Відповіді на питання

Виконання тестових завдань.

А) Put + when the sentence is right and – when the sentence is falt.

1 A Crow sat on the ground (-)

2 A Fox had a piece of chalk in her mouth (-)

3 A Fox came up to the tree (+)




















 said that the Crow had very big eyes (+)

5 The Crow ate the cheese (-)

Б) Listen to the sentences and choose the right ending.

1 A Crow sat in a tree



2 Suddenly the Crow saw a Fox.



3 The Fox see a cheese in the Crow’s mouth.



4 The Crow opened her mouth and the Cheese fell out



5 The Fox said: «What a pity you don’t think well»



В) Give the right answer

1 what did the Crow want to do?

a) to eat

в) to sing

c) to dance

2 Who the Fox saw?

a) the Rabbit

в) the Bear

c) the Crow

3 What could the Crow do?

a) play

в) sing

c) work

4 Who ate the cheese?

a) the Crow

в) the Fox

c) the Bear

5 What did the Fox say after that when she eat the cheese?

a) thank you

в) good buy

c) have a nice day

IV Розвиток навичок монологічного мовлення.

Т: Listen to the text once more and put the sentences in the right

1 A Crow had a large piece of cheese in her mouth.

2 The Fox came up.

3 A Crow once sat in a tree.

4 The Fox wanted to get a cheese

5 A Crow said: «Car-r! Car-r!»

6 Fox said a Crow that she was beautiful.

7 A Fox ate the cheese.

Put the right word instead of points from the box.

1 A… sat in a tree
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