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Katherine Anne Porter (15 May 1890 – 18 September 1980) 


Katherine Anne Porter was born in Indian Creek, Texas the fourth of
five children of Harrison Boone Porter and Alice (Jones) Porter. Her
family tree can be traced back to American frontiersman Daniel Boone, a
heritage of which she was proud.

In 1892, when Porter was two years old, her mother died two months after
giving birth to her last child. Her father took his four surviving
children (an older brother had died in infancy) to live with his mother,
Catherine Ann Porter, in Kyle, Texas. The depth of her grandmother's
influence can be inferred from Porter's later adoption of her name. Her
grandmother died while taking 11 year-old Callie to visit relatives in
Marfa, Texas.

After her grandmother's death, the family lived in several towns in
Texas and Louisiana, staying with relatives or living in rented rooms.
She was enrolled in free schools wherever the family was living, and for
a year in 1904 she attended the Thomas School, a private Methodist
school in San Antonio, Texas. This was her only formal education beyond
grammar school.

In 1906, at age 16, she ran off and married John Henry Koontz, the son
of a wealthy Texas ranching family, and subsequently converted to their
religion, Roman Catholicism. Her husband was physically abusive; once
while drunk, he threw her down the stairs, breaking her ankle. On
another drunken occasion, he beat her to unconsciousness with a

In 1914 she escaped to Chicago, where she worked briefly as an extra in
movies. She then returned to Texas and worked the small town circuit as
an actress and singer, divorcing Koontz in 1915. As part of her divorce
decree, she asked that her name be changed to Katherine Anne Porter.

Also in 1915, she was diagnosed with tuberculosis and spent the
following two years in sanatoriums, where she decided to become a
writer. It was discovered during that time, however, that she had
bronchitis, not TB. In 1917, she began writing for the Fort Worth
Critic, critiquing dramas, and writing society gossip. In 1918, she
wrote for the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, Colorado. She almost died
there that year during the influenza pandemic (the Spanish flu). When
she was discharged from the hospital months later, she was frail and
completely bald. When her hair finally grew back, it was white, and
remained that color for the rest of her life. Her experiences during
treatment provided the background for her novella Pale Horse, Pale

In 1919, she moved to Greenwich Village in New York City and made her
living ghost writing, writing children's stories and doing publicity
work for a motion picture company. The year in New York City had a
politically radicalizing effect on her, and in 1920, she went to work
for a magazine publisher in Mexico, where she became acquainted with
members of the Mexican leftist movement, including Diego Rivera.

Eventually, however, she became disillusioned with the revolutionary
movement and its leaders. During this period, she also became intensely
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