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НазваSophia Rotary (Cофія Ротару)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Sophia Rotary (Cофія Ротару)



 Sofia Rotaru is a   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Soviet Union"  Soviet   
HYPERLINK "" \o "Ukraine"  Ukrainian
 singer from an ethnic   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Moldovan"  Moldovan  family.
She has sung songs in   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Russian language" 
Russian ,   HYPERLINK ""
\o "Ukrainian language"  Ukrainian  and   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Romanian language" 
Romanian  languages, which were equally popular throughout the world.

     Her songs have become the classics of   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Soviet Union"  Soviet 
and post-Soviet stage. Sofia was cast in several   HYPERLINK
"" \o "Musical film"  musical
films , her debut being in 1971 in "Червона рута". She played the main
roles in films "Where are you, love” 1980 and "Soul” 1981. She has
performed in concerts in the   HYPERLINK
"" \o "United States"  United
States ,   HYPERLINK "" \o "Asia"  Asia
,   HYPERLINK "" \o "Europe"  Europe
,   HYPERLINK "" \o "Australia" 
Australia . Sofia has got dozen of prizes, awards and medals.   

     Rotaru Sofia Mihailivna was born on the 9th of August, 1947 in the
village Marshintsi, Chernigov region, in a large family, with many
children. She was brought up in the atmosphere of folk songs, she knew
all the melodies, broadcast on the radio. She began to sing when she was
at the first grade - in school chorus and church choir, though the
latter wasn’t welcomed. In her youth she took part in the dramatic
group, sung folk songs in the amateur theatricals, won in regional and
republican competitions. She made up her mind to become an actress, in
1964 she entered the Chernigov music school and in 1968 she graduated
from it.Tnen she appeared on the stage of The Kremlin Congress Palace. 

     After the acquaintance with her future husband Anatoly Evdokimenko,
the student of Chernigov University and at the same time the
trumpet-player of the student pops orchestra, the singer decided to try
herself as a solo singer of a pops orchestra. Of course, she went on
singing folk songs which still take a significant place in her
repertoire. In 1968 Sophia Rotaru became the laureate of the IX World
Youth Festival in Sophia, Bulgaria, she got the gold medal for the
Ukrainian folk song. Nobody hesitated in star future of young actress.
At that time Rotaru began to teach theory and solfeggio in Chernigov
cultural and educational school, and in 1974 she graduated from the
correspondence department of Kishenev State University of Arts. 

      1971 Rotaru played a leading role in a music film “Chervona Ruta”,
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