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НазваDJ Tiesto (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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DJ Tiesto

Tiлsto in 2007.

Background information

Birth name	Tijs Verwest

Also known as	DJ Tiлsto, Allure, Da Joker, Drumfire, Handover Circuit,
Paradise In Dubs, Passenger, Roze, Steve Forte Rio, Stray Dog, Tom Ace,
Wild Bunch

Born	January 17, 1969 (1969-01-17) (age 39)

Breda, North Brabant, Netherlands

Genre(s)	Electronica, trance, dance, progressive trance

Occupation(s)	Disc jockey, record producer

Years active	1985–present

Label(s)	Black Hole Recordings/Koch Entertainment, Magik Muzik, SongBird

Associated acts	Current: Jedidja, Clear View, Taxigirl

Former: Gouryella, Kamaya Painters (more)




Life and musical career 

1985–2000: Early years 

2000–2002: Rise to fame 

2003–2004: Solo In Concert 

2004: Olympics opening ceremony 

2005: Worldwide popularity 

2006: In Search of Sunrise 5 Asia Tour 

2007: Elements of Life era 

2008: In Search of Sunrise Summer Tour 

Personal life 

Philanthropy and other activities 






Tiesto (pronounced /ti?sto/; born Tijs Verwest (pronounced /t??s
v????st/) on January 17, 1969) is a Grammy-nominated Dutch trance DJ and
record producer. He has become one of the world's most famous people in
the trance and electronic dance music scenes. Although he has used many
aliases in the past, he is best known for his work as DJ Tiлsto. On his
latest productions, however, he has dropped the "DJ" label and is now
known simply as "Tiлsto", an alias which is a twist on his childhood

In 1997 he founded the label Black Hole Recordings with Arny Bink, where
he released the famous Magik and In Search of Sunrise CD series. In 1999
he collaborated with Ferry Corsten to create Gouryella. The act released
songs that are regarded in the club circuit as all time classic trance
songs. In 2001 he released his first solo album In My Memory which gave
him several major hits that launched his career as well as his remix of
Delerium's "Silence" featuring Sarah McLachlan which exposed him to more
mainstream audiences. As his popularity rose in the early 2000s he
became the first DJ to perform to a large crowd without any other DJs or
opening acts. He was crowned the "World’s No.1 DJ" 3 consecutive times
by DJ Magazine from 2002 through 2004.

Just after releasing his second studio album Just Be in 2004, at the
Summer Olympics he performed live at the opening ceremony in Athens,
Greece becoming the first DJ to play live on stage at an Olympics Games.
The live performance was released as the mix-CD Parade of the Athletes
later that year. He was chosen as the official ambassador for the
Dance4Life foundation in May 2006, and released the song "Dance4Life"
with Maxi Jazz to help spread the awareness of HIV/AIDS. In April 2007
he released his fourth studio album entitled Elements Of Life. The album
reached no. 1 on the Dutch album chart as well on "Billboard Top
Electronic Albums" in the U.S. and received a nomination for a Grammy
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