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НазваKaty Perry (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Katy Perry

Background information

Birth name	Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson

Born	October 25, 1984 (1984-10-25) (age 24)

Santa Barbara, California, United States

Genre(s)	Pop, pop rock

Occupation(s)	Singer-songwriter, musician

Instrument(s)	Vocals, guitar

Voice type(s)	Contralto[1]

Years active	2001–present

Label(s)	Red Hill, Island Def Jam, Columbia, Capitol




1 Childhood and personal life

2 Recording career 

2.1 2001–2007: Beginnings

2.2 2008–present: One of the Boys

3 Music and themes

4 Public image

5 Controversies

6 Discography

7 Tour

8 Charity

9 References

10 External links


Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (born October 25, 1984), better known by her
stage name Katy Perry, is an American singer-songwriter and musician.
Perry rose to fame in 2007 with her internet hit "Ur So Gay", and later
scored in 2008 her breakthrough single "I Kissed a Girl".

She began with an on-and-off recording career, having been dropped three
times by record labels. After signing to Capitol Music Group in 2007,
she released her first mainstream album, One of the Boys. It contains
the worldwide hits "I Kissed a Girl" and "Hot N Cold", both certified
three-time platinum in the United States. She is known for wearing
unconventional style of dress, often combining colors and vintage
fashion, as well as associating outfits with fruits.

Childhood and personal life

Katy Perry was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson on October 25, 1984 in
Santa Barbara, California, United States. The middle child of two
pastors, she has an older sister and younger brother. Her Evangelical
mother, Mary Hudson, grew up in Southern California, and had "a
tempestuous first marriage in Zimbabwe". Her father was a West Coast
scenester in the 1960s.

Baptized a born again Christian, Perry was incorporated to her parents'
ministry, and she started singing in their church from age nine to
sixteen. She grew up listening to gospel music and was not allowed to
listen what her mother called secular music. Perry attended Christian
schools and camps. As a child, Perry learned how to dance in a rec hall
in Santa Barbara. She was taught by seasoned dancers and began with
swing, Lindy Hop, and jitterbug. She took her GED after her freshman
year of high school and decided to leave schooling to pursue a career in
music. Perry initially started singing "because I was at that point in
my childhood where I was copycatting my sister and everything she did".
She was in a constant fight to capture the attention of her parents off
her sister's, who was at the time taking voice lessons. Her sister
practiced with cassette tapes, and Perry took the tapes herself when her
sister was not around. She rehearsed the songs and performed it to her
parents, who suggested she should take voice lessons. She grabbed the
opportunity and began taking lessons at age nine to sixteen. She
enrolled in at the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara, and
studied Italian opera for a little while.
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