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НазваFamoust Chemists of the world (реферат)
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«Famoust Chemists of the world»

Arrhenius Svante August

 Svante Arrhenius was born in Sweden. He learned to read at the age of
three and became interested in mathematics and physics at an early age.
He proposed in his doctoral thesis that electrolytes split into ions in
water. For his efforts he was awarded the barest of passes. Fortunately,
William Ostwald and Jacobus vanґt Hoff promoted his work on electrolytic
theory. He was awarded the 1903 Nobel prize for Chemistry for roughly
the same thesis that had been nearly rejected nineteen years previously.
He had universal interests in science and proposed the greenhouse

Avogadro Amedeo

Amedeo Avogadro was a professor of physics in the University of Turin,
but is best known for his contributions to chemistry. He followed the
work of Gay Lussac closely and realised early on the difference between
atoms and molecules. Avogadro suggested that equal volumes of gases
under the same conditions of temperature and pressure contained equal
numbers of particles. The number of particles in a mole, 6,022x1023  ,
is called Avogadroґs Number in his honour.

Bohr Niels Henrik David

Niels Bohr was born in Copenhagen in denmark in 1885. His father was a
professor of physiology at the University of Copengagen. Niels attended
the same university and was a distinguished soccer player as well as a
brilliant student.

Bohr studied at J. J. Thomsonґs Cavendish Laboratory and at Rutherfordґs
laboratory. At the young age of 28, while working with Rutherford, he
invented the first effective model and theory of the structure of the
atom. His work ranks as one of the truly great examples of an
imaginative mind at work. He was awarded the 1922 Nobel Prize for
physics for his study of the structure of atoms.

During Worls War 2, Bohr and his family escaped from occupied Denmark to
the United States. He and his son, Aage, acted as advisers at the Los
Alomos Atomic Laboratories, where the atom bomb was developed.
Thereafter, Bohr concerned himself with developing peaceful uses of
nuclear energy. Aage Bohr, Neilґs son was awarded the Nobel Prize for
physics in 1975.

Boyle Robert

Robert Boyle was born in Lismore, Ireland. He was regarded as one of the
foremost  experimental scientists of his time. It is thought that he was
the first to collect gases by displacing water in an inverted flask. He
discovered the relationship between the pressure and the volume of a gas
in 1660. The relationship, pxV = constant, is known as Boyleґs law and
was one of the first attempts to express a scientific principle in a
mathematical form. Boyle separated chemistry from the realm of alchemy
and estabilished it as a science. On the basis of experiment he defined
an element as something that cannot be broken up into smaller
substances. Robert Boyle devoted his life to experimental science,
taking careful notes of each experiment, enabling other scientists to
learn from his work. He is regarded as the father of experimental
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