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Українські рефератиРусские рефератыКниги
НазваSarah Michelle Gellar (Сара Мішель Геллар, акторка)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Урок англійської мови для 8-го класу

The Beauty of the World


ознайомити учнів з темою наступних уроків, ввести новий мовний матеріал;

опрацювати лексично-граматичний матеріал по темі;

вчити учнів використовувати набуті знання й перекладати досвід на нові

розвивати навички чотирьох видів мовленнєвої діяльності;

розвивати пам’ять та збільшувати обсяг розуміння та запам’ятовування
шляхом використання мультимедійних технологій;

розвивати творчий потенціал, фантазію учнів.

виховувати любов та повагу досвіту навколо, сприяти розумінню
актуальності теми та наголосити на її естетичному значенні.

Обладнання: кросворд, картки, пісня “This Land Is Your Land”,
презентація “Nature” виконана у програмі Power Point.

Хід уроку:

Вступна частина.

Good morning, pupils. Today we begin to speak about the new subject. It
is rather interesting and there are many things to discuss about it. But
the first thing for you to know is the subject itself. I want you to
guess it, OK? You can see a crossword on the blackboard. I shall read
you the definitions of the words and you will put them down. And when we
are done I hope you’ll be able to find the central word there.

1w	e	a	t	h	e	r

	2p	e	o	p	l	e

	3n	a	t	u	r	e

4a	n	i	m	a	l	s

	5b	i	r	d	s

It can be hot, cold, rainy, snowy, foggy, sunny….

Human beings that live on the Earth are called....

People, animals, plants, mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, seas and
oceans belong to....

Living beings that live on the Earth, but not people are known as ....

Animals with feathers, that usually lay eggs and can fly.

Good for you! This is the word WORLD. And let us call the lesson The
World around US. Can you tell me what aspects does the subject include?
By the way, the crossword will help you to start.

Speaking about the world we should mention ….

(Ecology, environment, climate, the Earth, the space....) 

Great and now I want you to continue the phrase: The world around us is

The words can help you:

(Amazing, gorgeous, full of wonders, impressive, unique, great,
fantastic, colou???

Основна частина уроку.

All right. I see that you believe that the world is really beautiful.
And I do. And now I’d like you the make pairs and choose one of the
cards on my table. There you will find the names of different things.
Though we know that all of them are of a certain value, your task is to
prove that the things you are writing about are the most important on
the Earth. Let it be a “Talk Show” where you are the experts in certain

(Plants, animals, forests, mountains, oceans)

Word combinations to be used: to give food, to give shelter, to produce
oxygen, to breathe fresh air, to enjoy the beauty, to be pets, to be
useful for people, to be a place for rest and recreation, to help people
in smth, to be a source of energy, to have necessary things for people…)

OK. Nice work! Are you a bit tired till now? Isn’t it time to have some
rest and to sing a very popular American song “This Land Is Your Land”?
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