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НазваAmerican Holidays. Thanksgiving Day (конспект уроку)
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РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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План-конспект уроку

" American Holidays. Thanksgiving Day.”


Students will be able to develop their skills in reading, trying to get
the main information from the text; speak about  American
holidays;;learn new vocabulary concerning the topic; to develop speaking
skills; to develop student’s  ability to read effectively; to enrich
student’s knowledge on the topic;

Supplies: sheets of paper with the text, cards, pictures.

Type of the lesson: reading lesson.


I. The beginning of the lesson

1. Greeting.


Last lessons we spoke about American traditions and holidays. We like
holidays, we need

holidays, we can't live without holidays. The	word ''holidays”comes from
the words "holy"

and 'days". Almost every country has holidays honouring important events
in its history.

"Thanksgiving Day" is our today's topic of discussion.

By the end of die lesson you should be able :

to understand the gist and details of the text for reading;

to talk about Thanksgiving Day.

Warming up

2.     Warming up.

        Introductory Talk. 

-   What American holidays do you know?

On January 15, Americans celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King.
He was a minister who fought against racial discrimination. He said that
a person's character is more important than the colour of skin. To
remember Martin Luther King, many Americans go to church or participate
in public ceremonies.

On the third Monday in February Americans celebrate Presidents Day. This
holiday honors two of the greatest presidents George Washington, the
first president, and Abraham Lincoln, the 16 th president.

Easter is celebrated on a Sunday in April or May. On Easter Sunday
children wake up to find that the Easter Bunny has left them a basket of

Americans celebrate Valentine's Day on February, 14. It is a day of love
and friendship.

On March, 17, Americans celebrate an Irish religious holiday, st.
Patrick Day. On St. Patrick's Day they decorate the houses schools, and
streets with green shamrocks. They say that everyone is Irish on st.
Patrick's Day.

New Year's Day celebrates the start of a new year.

On July 4 the United States celebrate Independence Dav. because on Jury
4. 1776— Americans founding fathers declared that, the United States
would be free and indepe ndent from England.

Columbus Day: Christopher Columbus discovered America on October 12,
1492. That's why Americans celebrate this holiday.

Halloween's one of the best holidays for children. American children
celebrate Halloween on October 31. Children wear masks and colorful
costumes. The children walk door to door in the neighborhood and shout
«trick or treat»

Americans celebrate Christmas on December 25. Christmas is a religious
holiday and

One of the happiest holidays of the year because it is the day that
Christians celebrate

the birth of Jesus Christ.

3. Match the holiday with the picture.

Independence Day        Christmas                      Halloween        
     Columbus Day
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