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НазваEaster Traditions (конспект уроку)
Авторвід користувача сайта
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
Замовити оригінальну роботу
Вiдкритий позакласний захiд з  англійської мови 

в 6 – 7 класах з поглибленим вивченням англійської мови

Easter Traditions

Оbjectives and goals:

Teaching goals:

engagement into intercultural communication

acquiring knowledge about cultural traditions of other  peoples

mastering basic skills in listening, speaking    

Developing goals:

development of speaking, intellectual and cognitive abilities

Educational goals:

moulding positive attitude towards cultural traditions of 

Хiд заходу

Dear guests!

Winter has passed, the birds return,

There is the end of winter’s reign.

There is a way to the light!

Easter is a festival of hope and joy,

It’s a festival of awakening life!

The group of students perform the song “Spring”.

Out of cave! Out of hole!

Bear, rabbit, little mole,

 Hatch from egg in nest in trees!

The birds are back and so are bees.

The flowers are in blossom,

The leaves are green,

How do they know when it is spring?

Build your web! The bugs are back!

Little spider dressed in black,

Bears, rabbits, birds and bees,

Flowers and grass, leaves and trees,

Just like me they all have fun,

That’s how they know spring has come!

No matter, what a person’s religion is Easter for everybody is a great

Come and join our festival saying together

Christ has risen! He has truly risen!

Easter is much fun for children as there are egg games and egg contests.
  Players may role hard-cooked eggs down a slope, each trying to have
his/her own egg  reached the bottom unbroken.

Though the egg itself has a deeper meaning the games are played mostly
for fun. They express the joy of Easter. In families with children
parents hide chocolate eggs on the front lawns or in the garden, and in
the morning it’s always much joy for children to find and put them into
their Easter baskets.

Besides Easter eggs other Easter symbols are chickens, rabbits, lambs,
beau – tiful flowers – lilies and hot-cross buns. Have you ever tried
them? Surely, you wonder why rabbits are other Easter symbols. Listen to
me, please. 

Little rabbits are usually called bunnies. As you know rabbits have
large families. Certainly you know how fast little bunnies grow up and
then have babies of their own until there are more and more and more.
And most people believe that the hare or rabbit of Easter is a symbol of
new life as it probably was in religions far older than Christianity.

       (Somebody is knocking at the door.)

Can you hear it? Somebody is knocking at the door. Let him in, please.
Wow! How lucky we are! How happy we are! Look here! We  are having a
special guest today! Who is this? – This is Easter Bunny! Welcome, dear
friend! Let’s invite Easter Bunny to our festival! Kids, say together
once more

                 Welcome, Easter Bunny! Glad to meet you!

Easter Bunny:  Hi, guys! How are you? I am so happy to meet you too! I
see you are celebrating Easter,a great holiday! I have brought you a
magic basket full of different things: presents and hot-cross buns,
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