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НазваPollution of the environment (конспект уроку)
Авторвід користувача сайта
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Pollution of the environment


Урок англійської мови




повторити матеріал попереднього уроку, провести паралель до теми

забруднення, пов’язати уроки логічно;


опрацювати новий лексичний матеріал по темі;


вчити учнів знаходити логічний зв’язок, робити висновки;


розвивати комунікативну компетенцію учнів шляхом використання

автентичних матеріалів та комп’ютерних технологій;


розвивати асоціативне мислення;


виховувати розуміння актуальності проблеми забруднення, сприяти розвитку

бажання зберегти планету та види, які її населяють, розвивати активну

громадянську позицію.


Обладнання: Longman “Dictionary of American English”, картки,

electronic Encyclopedia of US


Хід уроку:


Вступна частина.


Association game. I give you the word and you tell me any associative

words to it.


Beauty, space, fresh, wildlife.


Great. And the next task is to think about the things that can’t exist

without each other.


Example: People can’t live without plants, animals, sunshine, water….


(Animals, plants, the planet.)


Your home task



Основна частина уроку.


We have identified that the world is not only beautiful, but also

everything is connected on the Earth. The harmony is the main feature of

our life and only if the harmony exists we can live happily. But the

situation is not perfect now. Listen to some sayings and tell me what

the problem is.


“When the last tree is cut down and the last fish killed, the last river

poisoned, then you will see that you can not eat money” (Greenpeace



“Look after this planet, it’s the only one we have” (Prince Philip of



“Mother planet is showing us the red warning light – “be careful” – she

is saying. To take care of the planet is to take care of our own house.”

(The Dalai Lama)


And there are many problems that we can’t but discuss. We’ll need some

new vocabulary to do it. First look at the blackboard and pronounce the

words after me. And now I give you the cards with the word and its

explanation. Try to read and translate the sentences.


Environment is the land, water and air in which people, animals and

plants live.


To pollute – to make air, water, soil, etc dangerously dirty.


Pollution is the process of polluting the place.


To cause means to make something happen.


Destruction is the act or process of destroying something.


Shortage is the situation in which there is not enough of something that

is needed.


Dump is a place where unwanted waste is taken and left


To dump means to drop or put something somewhere in a careless way.


Waste means things you no longer want.


Poison is a substance that can kill you or make you sick if you eat it,

breathe it, etc.


To poison means to make the land, lakes, rivers dangerous by adding

harmful chemicals to it.


Nuclear means relating to the central part of an atom.


Weapon is something that you use to fight with.


To survive means to continue to exist.


To endanger means to put someone or something in a dangerous or harmful

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