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НазваPresent Perfect Passive (конспект уроку)
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Present Perfect Passive


-to  practice to use of Present Perfect Passive;

-to  develop grammar skills;

-to  teach pupils to love English

Supplies: sheets of paper with the tasks, cards, hand out “Jigsaw

Type of the lesson: grammar lesson


I. The beginning of the lesson

1. Greeting.

T: Good morning! How are you getting on?

Ps: We are very well!


Today we’ll get to know new grammar material Present Perfect Passive.

Warming up

Game “ Jigsaw sentences”

Give a set of jigsaw sentences to each pair or group of four pupils. Ask
pupils to make up 3 sentences, read and translate them after that. Which
group will be the first one to make up the sentences.

Jigsaw sentences: ( the card are mixed)

The United Kingdom of Great Britain

on islands

is situated

and Northern Ireland

There are

many countries

by sea

Great Britain

which are connected with


is mild

 Great Britain

the climate of

is mild

to the Gulf Stream

II. The main part of the lesson

1. Presenting and practicing Grammar


The Active sentences focus on what the person (subject) does, did, or
will do. 

The passive sentences focus on the object of the action: 

My Granny bought vitamins for me. (Active Voice.) 

Vitamins were bought for me. (Passive Voice.)

We use the Passive Voice if we don't know, don't care or don't want to

 who (or what) did the action. The Passive Voice focuses on processes
rather than

 on people.

We form the Passive Voice by means of the verb to be and the third form
(Past Participle) 

of the main verb.

Changing from Active into Passive

• The object of the active sentence becomes the subject in the passive

The active verb changes into a passive form.

The subject of the active sentences becomes the agent.

The agent is not mentioned when:

-it is unknown;

-it is unimportant;

-it is obvious from the context.

Present Perfect Passive Voice

To be + V3

Positive	Negative

They have been visited	They have not  been visited

It has been    built	It has not  been    built

Question	Answer

Have the museums been visited by many friends the other days?

Has it been built yet?	Yes, they have./ No, they haven’t( have not).

Yes, it has. / No, it hasn’t( has not).

Use	Example

When the person or thing that has done the action isn’t important, or
when we don’t know who has done it.	Coffee has been grown in Brazil.

Exercise on Passive Voice - Present Perfect

Rewrite the sentences in passive voice

Kerrie has paid the bill. – The bill has been paid by Kerrie.

I have eaten a hamburger. -

We have cycled five miles. 

I have opened the present. 

They have not read the book. 

You have not sent the parcel. 

We have not agreed to this issue. 

They have not caught the thieves. 

Has she phoned him? 

Have they noticed us? 

Write passive sentences in Present Perfect.

the postcard / send – The postcard has been sent.

the pencils / count

the door / close

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