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НазваRobert Burns - Great Scottish poet (конспект уроку)
Авторвід користувача сайта
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Robert Burns - Great Scottish poet


Задачі: Познайомити з біографією і творчістю Р.Бернса, вчити учнів

формувати свою думку що до теми уроку, розвивати різні види мовної

діяльності, розширювати соціокультурну і комунікативну компетенції на

підставі країнознавчого матеріалу, виховувати бажання вивчати культуру

англомовних країн


Обладнання: Карта, додаткова література, опорні схеми, портрети,



Dear, friends, try to forget that we are at the lesson.


We are going to have a friendly talk about a famous Scottish poet Robert



Today is the 27th of October.


Today is Tuesday.


It's autumn now.


The summer is over


The trees are all fare


There is mist in the garden


And frost in the air


T: What proverbs and saying about weather do you know?


- After rain or clouds comes fair weather.


- Rain before seven, fine before eleven.


- The morning sun never last a day.


- Christmas comes but once a year.


- It's raining cats and dogs.


- There is no bad weather, there are bad clothes


What's the English for


У природы нет плохой погоды


Что посеешь, то пожнешь.


Нет плохой погоды, есть плохая одежда.


Рождество бывает один раз в году.


(Дважды в году лета не бывает.)


Семь пятниц на неделю.


После бури наступит тишина.


Дождь льёт как из ведра.


Autumn is not only the season of fruit and vegetables but also the

season of important political events.


Let's take our local paper "Vperyod" "Вперед". This paper carries


The material about the visit of the American delegation to our town. It

was in April. The American delegation from Nebraska arrived to our town.

The capital of this state is Omaha.


The leader of this delegation met with the head of our town.


They discussed important questions about the cooperation between our

towns. Our towns are twin towns. The delegation has visited the

enterprises, and colleges in Artemovsk, thanked leaders of our city,

citizens for warm reception.


Answer the Questions


I've heard the American delegation visited our town, is it true?


Did the leader of this delegation meet with the head of our town?


What did they discuss?


What's the capital of Nebraska?


Why did the American delegation arrive to our town?


As we know Ukraine has established new relations with other countries

Ukraine is a member of the United Nations Organization


Today, let's make a trip to Scotland. Look at the map of the Great

Britain. Where is Scotland situated?


S: Scotland lies to the north of England. The most interesting and

Beautiful part of Scotland is the Highlands. This is mainly an

industrial region Glasgow is the third largest city in the Great

Britain. It lies on the river Clyde. It's a big port. Highlands is

famous for its shipyard. It is an important centre of Scottish culture.

Scotland is well known to the world because of its traditional costume

the kilt, as you can see in the picture. The kilt is a short skirt worn

by men, women and children.


T: What's the national emblem of Scotland?


S: The thistle has nothing pleasant in it especially if you carelessly

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