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НазваThe World of Money (конспект уроку)
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РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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The World of Money


Урок з англійської мови для учнів 9 класу




to develop students' reading, writing and speaking skills;


to enlarge the students' knowledge on the topic;


to practice grammar;


to develop communicative skills;


to develop the chief traits of a person's character: kindness, tact,

politeness, tolerance.


Equipment: texts for reading, proverbs cut in two parts.




I. Introduction


Good morning, dear friends! The topic of today's lesson is "The World of

Money". We shall read the text about the role of money in the past and

today, we shall discuss some problems and I suppose have a very

interesting lesson.


II. Warming - up


T: Money is very important in the life of people, so there are a lot of

words and word combinations with the word "money". Let us see if you

remember these words. So look at the ABC and try to say a noun or a verb

associated with the topic of our lesson.


A - account


B - bank, buy, budget


C - credit, coin


D - discount, dollar, debt


E - earn, economic


F - finances


G - gold, gain, guarantee


H - hrivna


I - income, inflation, invest


J - jack-pot


K - key-money


L - lend, loan


M - money, mortgage


N - note


O - owe, outlay


P - pay, payment,


R - rent, rate, recession


S - sale, stock, saving account


T - tax, trade


U - use, umpire


V - value


W - withdraw money


Well done! You were great! Now the next task:


try to make word- combination with these word combinations: Enough

money, much money, little money, pocket money, a lot of money, to need

money, to spend money, to get money, to lend money


T: Great! People have created different proverbs and sayings about

money. Look at the halves of the proverbs and join them correctly.


1. Money spent on the brain.....


2. No money,....


3. A fool and his money.....


4. Time is....


5. Lend your money ......


a) are soon parted.


b) is never spent in vain.


c) money.


d) and loose your friend.


e) no honey.


Keys: !-b, 2-e, 3-a, 4-c, 5-d


(Students read the proverbs, explain how they understand them and give

their Ukrainian equivalents of the proverbs if they know) Thanks.


III. Reading


Pre-reading activity


T: Before reading the text, skim it and answer the following questions:


1. What were the types of ancient money?


2. How do we call places we can change hryvnias into other currency?


3. How can people pay for goods and services?




When people make more production they need, they want to exchange it for

something else. But what to do if the product is big and heavy? So

people invent money. We use it to buy and sell goods and make savings.


In old time in different countries there were various types money:

animal skins and cattle, cocoa beans and salt, shells and stones....


In our land our grandfathers used grain, fur skins and later-gold. In

Kyivan Rus' money was called "hryvnia" and now we have hryvnas too.


Paper banknotes and metal coins are easy to hold, to save, to transfer

and to use. That is why they replaced old kind of money. Every country

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