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НазваIntroduction (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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I have been learning English for a long time. Learning foreign languages
is simply impossible without knowing the  history, the places of
interest the country the language of which you learn. The big City with
its skyscrapers seems to be exciting and fascinating for me. I want to
know more about The New York City, about its famous places. That is the
main reason for my choosing this topic. 


1. Introduction                                                         

2. New York. Places of interest                                      

3. Manhattan Geography	2p.

4. The Financial District 	3p.

5. Greenwich Village and the East Village.	3p.

6. Statue of Liberty History	4p.

7. City Hall	5p.

8. Brooklyn Bridge	5p.

9. Liberty State Park	6p.

10. The American Museum of the Moving Image 	6p.

11. Empire State building 	7p.

12. The New York Aquarium	7p.

13. Central Park 	9p.

New York. Places of interest.

   Although New York is not the capital of the United States, it is the
biggest and most important city of the country. New York is situated on
the Atlantic coast, in the North-East of the country, in the state of
New York at the mouth of the deep Hudson River. It is the financial and
media capital of the world, the center of the American cultural life and
the national leader in fashion and entertainment. The “Big Apple” is
nickname of the city. New York , with the population of 16 mln people,
is the second largest city and the biggest sea port in the world. It was
founded in 1613 by Dutch settlers. It consists of 5 large boroughs:
Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Richmond. There are a lot of
places of interest in New York. The most famous of them is The Statue Of
Liberty, given to the USA by France in 1886. Its torch towers about 200
feet above the harbor and can be seen at night for many miles. It is the
largest statue in the world. The Empire State Building used to be the
first, but now it is only the third tallest building in the world. It is
a 102- storied building with an observatory on he 86 floor. Broadway is
the longest street in the world. It is 12 miles long. It is the center
of entertainments. The Metropolitan Museum is by now probably the
richest museum in the world in painting and other objects of Art, due to
what had been bought from Europeans after World War Two. Besides, we can
see the works of American painters there. The Central Park is the
largest park in the world. The Fifth avenue has the best houses, hotels
and fashionable shops. Times Square is known as New York’s theatre land
the Metropolitan Museum of Art and many other museum are situated there.
The Rockefeller center belongs to the Rockefeller family. It is 15
skyscrapers housing several large corporations. It is also known as
“Radio City”. There is a theatre , too. The United Nations Headquarters
was built in 1952. The building and the grounds contain sculptures and
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