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The History of Alaska ()
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Municipal Educational Institution


Lyceum 130 RAVES


Exam paper.




The History of Alaska.


Student: Protopopova N.S., M-111


Teacher: Shipulina O.N.


Barnaul, 2005






1. Origins of Alaskas Groups..4


The Eskimos


The Aathabascans




The Northwest Coast Indians


2. From the Russian Empire to the USA7


3. Alaska today..8










4. The most important dates in the history of Alaska.11




The list of literature.18




Undoubtedly, the history is one of the most interesting and most

important sciences. It incorporates experience of each person and all

mankind. The history acquaints us with process of development of a

mankind. Behind acts and decisions of separate people, behind actions of

weights there is a bright, many-sided and unique image of the world,

different continents, the countries and people. To understand history of

the Native land, it is necessary to understand world history. In the

exam paper I will tell about history of Alaska history, which connects

two great powers - Russia and the USA. The purpose of the given work is

to study political and social life of Alaska, its daily life, material,

spiritual and religious culture. I will tell about the reasons and

consequences of historical events of Alaska, I will cite statistical

data. To be prepared of this exam paper I used the educational and

scientific literature and materials of periodic printed editions.


1. Origins of Alaskas Native Groups.


No one knows exactly when people first found the land that would be

called Alaska. Some anthropologists believe that people migrated from

Asia to North America 40,000 years ago. Others argue it was as recent as

15,000 years ago.


Whenever, the consensus is that they came from Asia by way of a northern

land bridge that once connected Siberia and Alaska.


That land bridge, now recalled as Beringia, was the first gateway to

Alaska. But these first visitors were hardly tourists intent on

exploring new worlds. Rather they were simply pursuing their subsistence

way of life as they followed great herds of grazing mammals across the

grassy tundra and gentle steppes of Beringia.


Some groups settled in the Arctic. Others traversed the mountain passes

to other parts of Alaska. While still others migrated through Alaska,

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