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НазваEssay on the Theme: Oxford university (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Ministry of Education and Sport of Republic of Kazakhstan


L.N.Gumilev National Eurasian University


Humanitarian Institute


Translation Department


Essay on the Theme:




Fulfilled by: Nurmaganbetova Gulshat


Group П-4-11


Checked by:


Astana – 2002






A Brief History of University


Structure of the Oxford University


Staff of the University


Teaching and Research


International Links




Famous Oxonians


Oxford is renowned the world over, as the home of one of the oldest and

most highly revered Universities in Europe. The city lies at the

confluence of the Rivers Cherwell and Thames, or "Isis", as it is

locally known, giving the opportunity for boating, punting and many

pleasant riverside walks. Oxford is a compact city; its main streets

radiate from Carfax Tower in the centre, with most of the colleges and

University buildings all within easy walking distance. It was Mathew

Arnold whose description lingers in the mind, and best sums up Oxford.

"And that sweet City with her dreaming spires, she needs not June for

beauty's heightening". Just outside the City on Boar's Hill is the best

place to see an overall view of the "dreaming spires", a hauntingly

beautiful and unforgettable sight.


The University Church of St. Mary the Virgin - First mentioned in the

Domesday Book, one of the best views of Oxford is from the magnificent

tower, which was built in the 13th century, the nave dates from the 15th

and 16th centuries.


The Ashmolean Museum - Britain's oldest public museum, housing the

University's collections of paintings, glass, silver, ceramics and

artefacts from the ancient world.


Other Museums in Oxford - Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Oxford, Museum

of the History of Science, Oxford University Museum of Natural History,

the Bate Collection and the Pitt Rivers Museum.


The Radcliffe Camera (closed to the public) a rotunda, whose dome is a

landmark in Oxford's centre, was designed by James Gibb (1737-49).

Inspired by the Tower of the Winds in Athens, it is regarded as one of

Europe's most beautiful buildings. It originally housed the Radcliffe

Library, today the 16 sided room on the ground floor is a reading room

for the Bodleian Library.


The Bodleian Library - 15th century Divinity School, 17th century Old

Schools Quadrangle and Exhibition Room.


Carfax Tower - 16th century church tower and viewpoint.


Curioxity - Hands on science exhibits for all ages.


The Oxford Story - Ride through exhibition interpreting the fascinating

800 year history of Oxford University.


Sheldonian Theatre - The ceremonial hall of the University designed by

Sir Christopher Wren.


University of Oxford Botanic Gardens - Opposite Magdalen College in Rose

Lane is the oldest Botanic Gardens in Britain. Laid out in 1621 on the

instructions of Henry, Earl of Danby, as a Physic Garden. Entrance is

through the beautiful Italianate Gateway designed by Nicholas Stone,

beautiful flowerbeds, trees and greenhouses filled with rare plants,

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