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НазваHosny Mubarak (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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(birth 05.04.1928)

For years of board Mubarak has recommended itself, if not as the big
statesman, that, at least, as the sincere and reliable Arabian head. Can
solve numerous problems of the country, he, nevertheless, uses the best
efforts to prevent degradation.


   	Ten centimeters! Such distance separated vice-president Hosni
Mubaraka from death October, 6-th, 1981 when during military parade was
killed (more precisely to tell - Egyptian president Anvar Sadat is

He till now hears singing the bullets flying around of him. Remembers
that instant when one of aggressors has shouted to him: " Stand aside!
You are necessary for us not, the Pharaon is necessary for us! " Sees
Sadat, laying in a pool of blood... 

 	 In the evening of the same day, shocked, but safe, Mubarak officially
has informed compatriots on death of the head of the state. In one week
he became the president of Egypt. In that year to him it was executed 53
years and he, apparently, was rather pleased with the role of
vice-president. But... 

  April, 15, 1975 Sadat has appointed the 47-years commander of Air
Forces Hosny Mubarak vice-president. 

- I have chosen him for loyalty and reliability, - he has explained the
step some weeks after. 

 	 Hardly later, speaking about Mubarak, the Egyptian president will
note his such qualities, as persistence, fidelity and competence. 

  	Wife of Sadat - Djihan which by then had already sufficient influence
on the husband, has agreed with this choice. She, on an own recognition,
found Mubarak" deprived any ambitions to remain devoted to his spouse ".

 	 Itself Mubarak, as he said, was surprised and puzzled, when Sadat as
caused him and has offered a post of vice-president. Him career
political or the statesman as he secretly dreamed become the chief of
the Joint Staff of the Egyptian army never interested. 

  	It is necessary to tell, that so unexpected choice has thrown into
confusion also his nearest environment. However, soon the reasons of
this step of steel are clear: the president wanted to get support of
militarians. It was found out also, that a choice of the Egyptian leader
has affected, as spoke in retinue Sadat, "unity of sights on
rapproachement of Cairo with Washington "and an allergy" to Soviet Union
which suffered both that, and another. 

  	Anyway, Mohammed Hosny Seid Mubarak (his full name is those) became
the second person in Egypt, right hand of Sadat, his shadow. Before it
he has made an outstanding career of the professional militarian. 

 	 The Future president was born May, 4-th, 1928 in Egyptian country -
in small village Kafr an ale - Musyl'ha (province Manufia), in delta of
Nile. His father owned a small site of the ground and simultaneously
worked in legal management of a province. 

Hosny it was brought up not in luxury. His friends and schoolmates were
children of fellah. Probably, it the openness and simplicity of the
president speak. 

He studied persistently, and after leaving school parents advised him to
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