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The American Dream like a social phenomenon and the possibility of it\'s realization in Russia ()
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The American Dream like a social phenomenon and the possibility of it's

realization in Russia.















The American Dream like a social phenomenon....4


Criticism if the American dream.........7


The Russian mentality and the "Russian dream"8


The comparative analysis of values of the American and Russian young












The United States of America nowadays holds leading positions in

the most important parts of business, economics and scientific

explorations in the western world. A country that inspired many

appellations Land of Opportunity, Melting Pot, Gods country is

still referred to people as a land of superlatives - the richest, the

greatest, the most. The Americans style of life, which is based on

the idea of realization of the American dream, becomes more and spread

all over the world. Americas culture, formed not long times ago, has

already extended along many countries.


The Russian Federation is not the exception as during the period

of the last 16 years Russian traditional culture has changed much

because of Western one.


After perestroika, when the borders became opened and the

Western civilization burst into our country, many Russian people began

taking the style of life and habits of citizens of foreign countries and

adopting them to ours. The greatest influence had the USA. Many young

people were impressed by the original and sometimes inadmissible for a

soviet citizen way of life in America, by the wealth of American

citizens, by their rights and freedoms. They wanted to reach the same

prosperity and thats why they began spontaneously copying different

aspects of American culture. This brought lots of pluses: the people

became more determined and ambitious, they got acquainted with modern

techniques, and people got the opportunity of communicating with

foreigners that broadened their outlook. That was the useful influence,

bur there was also the bad one.


Very often young people couldnt take right from wrong that lead

to very unpleasant consequences. In the 90s there was a rapidly

increasing number of addicts, AIDS sick persons, teenagers pregnancies

and crimes. Nowadays the situation in Russia is not the same, but the

problem of Western, especially American influence is still actual.

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