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НазваThe beginning of preparing for Christmas in England (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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weeks before the feast, as they must be infused to become spicy and



Frankly speaking, nowadays English pudding oftener is bought at the

shop than it is made by the English themselves for to cook it’s both

more expensive and gives a lot of troubles which are enough before

Christmas as it is.


But the tradition of Christmas pudding is believed not to die out in

England. Many people make sweets even if they usually do not prepare

anything more and they give away these sweets to their friends.

Christmas pudding has gone down in history and English culture. It even

played the main roles in English books. For instance here it is what

Mrs. Ross out of detective by A. Christie `` Theft of royal ruby`` tells

about pudding:


“ Real Christmas pudding must be made in some weeks before Christmas

and it must be left in coldness; the longer it is kept within reasonable

limits, of course, the more delicious it is. I remember when I was a

little girl and we went to the church every Sunday, so we wanted for a

certain prayer, which was served as a signal to preparing of puddings.

On Sunday the prayer was said and not later than next week my mother

made Christmas pudding without fail. Everybody living in the house had

to enter the kitchen to stir the pudding and to think of any wish. That

is the long-standing tradition, sir, and I always follow it.”


Christmas psalms, skating, garlands and other typical Christmas

attributes accompany beginning of feast time in Great Britain

traditionally. This year lighting ceremony of Christmas garlands in

Regent-street, Old Street of London city celebrates its anniversary of

50 years.


Historical royal places of London, remind about Christmas celebration

in the past centuries. At the Tower of London Norman Christmas takes

part from the 27 till the 31 of December that recreates atmosphere of

1098 year which is memorable; exactly there the king Henry 1 and his

suite celebrated the feast after finishing of building of the fortress.


At Hampton Court Palace Jacobean Christmas is celebrated from the 27

till the 1 of January; Jacob 1 and Ann Danish laid its traditions. The

skating-ring getting up in best traditions of that time is opened also



In Christmas Eve 12 showrooms at Geoffrey’s museum in an east part of

London are festively decorated where some furniture and examples of

interior of period since 1600 up to our days are exhibited. Visitors can

find out what is the foundation of such traditions as kissing under

mistle-toe and decorating of a fir-tree.


For English children Christmas appears indistinctly in October yet, at

this time they sit at the table and putting out their tonguage tips with

effort write Christmas list for Father Christmas. Shop owners sell

different thematic togs just from this moment.


In generally this is a long-standing tradition. In UK there are

traditions, rituals, distinctive marks, Kinks and other crazy ideas,

connected to winters festivities more than in all the rest of Europe. It

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