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НазваThe structure of the foreign exchange market (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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  TOC \o "1-2"  I.	Introduction	  PAGEREF _Toc535148698 \h  2 

II.	The structure of the foreign exchange market	  PAGEREF _Toc535148699
\h  3 

1.	What is the foreign exchange?	  PAGEREF _Toc535148700 \h  3 

2. The participants of the foreign exchange markets	  PAGEREF
_Toc535148701 \h  4 

3. Instruments of the foreign exchange markets	  PAGEREF _Toc535148702
\h  5 

III.	Foreign exchange rates	  PAGEREF _Toc535148703 \h  6 

1. Determining foreign exchange rates	  PAGEREF _Toc535148704 \h  6 

2. Supply and Demand for foreign exchange	  PAGEREF _Toc535148705 \h  7 

3. Factors affecting foreign exchange rates	  PAGEREF _Toc535148706 \h 

IV.	Conclusion	  PAGEREF _Toc535148707 \h  13 

V.	Recommendations	  PAGEREF _Toc535148708 \h  14 

VI.	Literature used	  PAGEREF _Toc535148709 \h  16 



























Trade and payments across national borders require that one of the
parties to the transaction contract to pay or receive funds in a foreign
currency. At some stage, one party must convert domestic money into
foreign money. Moreover, knowledgeable investors based in each country
are aware of the opportunities of buying assets or selling debts
denominated in foreign currencies when the anticipated returns are
higher abroad or when the interest costs are lower. These investors also
must use the foreign exchange market whenever they invest or borrow

I’d like to add that the foreign exchange market is the largest market
in the world in terms of the volume of transactions. That the volume of
foreign exchange trading is many times larger than the volume of
international trade and investment reflects that a distinction should be
made between transactions that involve only banks and those that involve
banks, individuals, and firms involved in international trade and

The phenomenal explosion of activity and interest in foreign exchange
markets reflects in large measure a desire for self-preservation by
businesses, governments, and individuals. As the international financial
system has moved increasingly toward freely floating exchange rates,
currency prices have become significantly more volatile. The risks of
buying and selling dollars and other currencies have increased markedly
in recent years. Moreover, fluctuations in the prices of foreign
currencies affect domestic economic conditions, international
investment, and the success or failure of government economic policies.
Governments, businesses, and individuals involved in international
affairs find it is more important today than ever before to understand
how foreign currencies are traded and what affects their relative

In this work, we examine the structure, instruments, and
price-determining forces of the world's currency markets.




The structure of the foreign exchange market

What is the foreign exchange?
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