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НазваInternet (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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One of the main differences of the Internet from all rest, that is
connected to computers, is that for successful work with it(him),
generally speaking, it is not necessary of any books. Internet can serve
both directory, and tutorial, and encyclopedia itself. However on the
initial stage, as it seems, the advantage(benefit) of the book,
distinctly and is accessible of a stating basis, can be rather
significant. Such book I also have tried to write. But before you will
get acquainted to it(her) more close, let's try to answer on the most
important question, which, probably, you already set to yourselves:

The Internet: that it, at last, such

More or less scientific definition of the Internet, which the books and
clauses on this subject are filled, certainly with, have the value. But
the most simple explanation suffices for our purposes while: the
Internet is a set of computers connected with each other by channels of
communication(connection), plus a set of standard rules, on which they
exchange by the information. Thus channels of communication(connection),
perhaps, even are less important, than rule of data transfer on them,
named in the Internet by the protocols. If even two computers cooperate
on one of such protocols is already present Internet. 

The invention and the perfection of modems - special devices allowing
the computer to send the information on the phone, - has opened doors in
the Internet to huge quantity(amount) of the people, at which is not
present. Any special network equipment, and there is only personal
computer and telephone socket nearby.

Both Internet, and the modems for personal computers exist already
rather long. However only at all for a long time - about 1990 - the
Internet has typed(collected), at last critical weight of the users and
resources necessary for network revolution, occurring on our eyes. The
high-speed modems allowing the usual users of personal computers without
restrictions to enjoy by all boons of the Internet, have appeared even
later. And the system World Wide Web (WWW, or "«World wide web"),
invented in 1993 and former firstly only by one of many components of a
network, has borrowed(occupied) a leading position and began to
define(determine) the person of the Internet literally in last years -
two. By and large, the world Internet boom now in the  heat - and very
much was lucky(carried) to you, that you were not late almost to the
beginning of performance.

The Internet is, first of all huge set of computers and programs. Among
last you will find not only such, which are able well to decide(solve)
your concrete tasks, but also is greater such, whose abilities it will
be firstly complex(firstly difficult) even to present to you, probably.
The Internet connection gives you a unique opportunity, what imperfect
was your computer to have a look per the twenty first century and
independently to accustom with such concepts, as « world cyber – social 
», « virtual money », « information environment(Wednesday) habitation».
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