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НазваThe Chaos In the Caucasus (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance

English Language Department

Chair 1


“The Chaos In the Caucasus”

Written by Nebesoff I., 

453. gr.

Checked by Kirillova O.G.




  TOC \o "1-3"  Content.	  PAGEREF _Toc9336504 \h  2 

Introduction.	  PAGEREF _Toc9336505 \h  3 

Chapter 1. History of terrorism.	  PAGEREF _Toc9336506 \h  4 

Chapter 2. Clash, or conspiracy?	  PAGEREF _Toc9336507 \h  5 

Chapter 3. Enter the Wahhabis	  PAGEREF _Toc9336508 \h  6 

Chapter 4. Geopolicy.	  PAGEREF _Toc9336509 \h  8 

Chapter 5. Economy.	  PAGEREF _Toc9336510 \h  9 

Conclusion	  PAGEREF _Toc9336511 \h  12 



You see, nowadays the Caucasus problem is one of the sharpest and most
important for our country. Chechnya and Dagestan are not only oil, but
the source of destability and terrorism.

After last autumn events in the United States even Americans and
Europeans understood that war in Checnya is not only Russia’s internal
business, and this war, which we have been leading for already several
years is not only the wish of the Russian Government and oligarchs to
take ‘their piece of pie’ from the Caucasus oil. The world community
finally recognised, that threat of world-wide terrorism is not a myth,
and this battle has to be led by forces of all countries, which want to
live undisturbed.

In this work I am trying to show the roots of Islam movement and the
history of confrontation in Chechnya. Another aim of this paper is to
show links between Chechnya and world Islamic terrorism, and to show how
these links work. Only when we recognise that terrorism is the
‘world-wide web’, civilized world would be able to unite against this,
maybe, the greatest evil on the Earth, and, probably, one of the biggest
world problems in the new century.

And the last aim was to show how the Chechen war is affecting the
Russian economy, and what losses we have had since this war started

Chapter 1. History of terrorism.

At least until recently, the main enemy of Islamic terrorism seemed to
be the United States. However diverse and quarrelsome its practitioners,
they knew what they hated most: the global policeman whom they accused
of propping up Israel, starving the Iraqis and undermining the Muslim
way of life with an insidiously attractive culture.

Anti-Americanism, after all, has been a common thread in a series of
spectacular acts of violence over the past decade. They include the
bombing of the World Trade Centre in New York in February 1993; the
explosion that killed 19 American soldiers at a base in Saudi Arabia in
June 1996; and the deadly blasts at the American embassies in Kenya and
Tanzania in August 1998.

In many of the more recent attacks it has suffered, the United States
has discerned the hand of Osama bin Laden, the Saudi-bom coordinator of
an international network of militant Muslims. In February last year, he
and his sympathisers in Egypt, Pakistan and Bangladesh issued a
statement declaring that "to kill the Americans and their
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