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My scientific work devoted to the analyses a banking system. In my talk

today I will be looking at banking services and the banking system in

England and Russia.


I have chosen the banking system for the topic of my scientific work as

it is one of the most important instruments of the economy.


It is an open secret that banks are the most important link in the

world of money.. This is because, first of all, banks nowadays perform

the main part of the work of transferring money from a customer to a

seller, by operating the system of payments in the economy. Almost

everyone in the world uses or has used banking services. Families keep

their savings there, and banks pay them interest rates on their deposits

and give them loans to buy expensive goods. Companies conduct payments

through them. Commercial organizations, which work at the market and in

production, take loans for their needs and conduct all payments with

buyers and sellers through them. Landowners and owners of real estate

take loans from the banks to buy an estate or to make use of it and pay

back loaned money.


2. Banking services


Id like to start by giving you structure of banking system.


The various services provided by banks are summarized bellow.


The provision of safe deposit facilities for money and valuables.


The lending of money: this is the most profitable activity of the banks

and the one which provides most of their income.


The issuing of banknotes: in England and Wales this right is restricted

to the Bank of England? But some banks in Scotland and Northern Ireland

retain the right to issue their own banknotes.


The provision of efficient money transmission services (e.g. cheques,

credit cards)


In addition to these basic functions, modern banks provide a wide

range of other financial services.


3. Establishing a bank account


One of the first things should do after you arrive the United States

is establish a bank account. It is not a good idea to carry large

amounts of cash or keep it in your living quarters.


Most banks have main offices in the center of cities and towns, and

also have smaller offices, called branches, in other parts of the city

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