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НазваFarid Gazizov Impact of Evolution on Human Thought Evolution
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Farid Gazizov

Impact of Evolution on Human Thought


Evolution by definition of Webster dictionary is a gradual development
of simple matters into more complex.  When most of the people hear
“evolution” it associates with development or history of the earth. 
History of the earth compiles of gazillions of steps.  The very first
step in our history is a birth of the earth, which took place over 4
billion years ago.  

	“Powerful telescopes reveal new stars coalescing from galactic dust,
just as our sun did more than 4.5 billion years ago.  The earth itself
formed shortly thereafter, when rock, dust, and gas circling the sun
condensed into the planets of our solar system.  Fossils of primitive
microorganisms show that life had emerged on earth by about 3.8 billion
years ago (Teaching about evolution and the Natural of Science, ch. 1).”

	Many people throughout the centuries have been trying to find
explanations to the questions like: Why are surrounding us things the
way they are?; why some type of animals resemble another one?  It was
hard to answer these questions without proper tools, experience and
background knowledge.  Even nowadays, not all questions are answered. 
Darwin was the first human who succeeded in responding to these
questions.  He was the first one who put discovered facts and knowledge
available by his time in one big picture.  In attempts to explain the
history Darwin created the most outstanding achievement of human beings
that had enormous impact of our thinking—evolutionary thinking.  Ernest
Mayer, in his book “One Long Argument” says following about impact of
Darwin’s work on human thinking.

“It is almost impossible for a modern person to project back to the
early half of the nineteenth century and reconstruct the thinking of
this pre-Darwinian period, so great has been the impact of Darwinism on
our views (E. Mayr, pp. 1)	

For our further discussion, one should explicitly distinguish between
evolution and evolutionary theory.  Evolution (history) is a serious of
facts that occurred since the birth of the earth, while evolutionary
theory is the best way available nowadays to explain why evolution
happened the way it happened, but not otherwise. Both evolution and
evolutionary theory make series of claims.  Some of them are secondary
and some are primary.  Primary claims if proved wrong, would change
entire theory.

Primary Claims of Evolution

The earth is over 4 billion years old. In the past when technology was
not very developed it was hard to prove age of the earth.  Scientists
had been aging by measuring the rate of sedimentation.  Another method
of defining age, which was used in 1800s, is noticing what kinds of
fossil rocks have.  Currently it is done by chemical analysis of
composition of fossil.

“Some elements such as uranium, undergo radioactive decay to produce to
produce other elements.  By measuring the quantities of radioactive
elements and elements into which they decay in rocks, geologists can
determine how much time has elapsed since the rock cooled from initially
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