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НазваOrganizing forms of business activity (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Organizing forms of business activity.

	Presently in our country exist and are developped three main types of
business companies: individual holdings (enterprises, based on personal
property of owner), partnership and corporations. For instance, in
United Staffs in 1982 s from 16 million companies suppressing majority
were shown by individual possessions and their average profits formed
only 42400 dollars, partnership was in 4 times above, but cost sold by
goods corporations and services at the average exceeded 2 million

Individual holdings and partnership.

	Expect, I has decided to open a shop on the assembly and selling the
computers. I will come to lease a premises under the shop, buy
completing to was than fill regiments, and, possible hire anyone, who
stood for the pay-desk, while I on occupations. I shall completely order
a remainder of profit after my business it is expenses payment.

	- An Individual possession - an enterprise, basing in property of one
person, having full right on tinned as a result economic activity profit
and completely responsible for any losses, which tolerates an

	Possible, my shop will turn out to be unprofitable, either as a many
enterprise, basing in individual property. In this case I will come to
pay for losses from the own pocket. Then I shall have to declare itself
a bankrupt and allow to separate  the whole my cash assets and
miscellaneous personal property between that, who I must money.

	But individual holdings not always come to nothing. Most often they
ensure heavy existance to its owners, who work many watch, quite often
earning herewith less one,gets an average salary. But under a hour
individual holdings ensure wholly decent profits to its owners.

	If my shop on selling the computers prospers, possible, I want to
enlarge. For this me, probably, I will come to scramble over in the
premises little more, create a greater spare of goods, intended for
selling, possible, buy a lorry for the deivery of goods, hire more
employees, gain furniture for the office. I will be necessary free
financial capital to pay for all new equipment and spares. Where to take
this facility on? If personally beside me money not sufficiently,
probably I will try to get necessary financial facilities beside the
friend or relative, which in this case will become a partner or

	- Partnership (full company) - an enterprise, basing in joint ownership
two or more persons, having its share in the profit. Each Of owners, or
partners, carries joint responsibility for all losses, which tolerates
an enterprise.

	Sometimes, deal leads only one of the partners, but other only gives
money; sometimes both or all owners are active enterprise participants.
Exists several very large partnership with hundreds of companions,
amongst legal and accounting companies in particular.

	However form of partnership has two essential defects. First,
partnership (either as individual holdings) are enterprises with
unlimited responsiblity. This means that if enterprise bears a loss,
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