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НазваThe people trade (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Кафедра иностранных языков.




Предмет: английский язык


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Выполнил : студент 2-го курса


208 группы очного отделения


специальности 0211 Чернов Вадим Александрович


Проверил: Cалеева Л.П.



г. САРАТОВ 2000



Статья из журнала NEWSWEEK JULY 3, 2000 : "THE PEOPLE TRADE".





Special report.


Europe needs workers: immigrants want a better life. Inside the shadowy

- and dangerous - world of human smuggling.


Indide the customs office in Dover, England, a fax machine chirruped.


Out came a message from the European Pathway, a P&O Stena Line ferry

that was churning across the channel from Zeebrugge, Belgium. The crew

was dutifully alerting British authorities to a suspicious truck, a big

white Mercedes-Benz tractor hauling a refrigerator unit supposedly

filled with tomatoes. One of the last to board the ferry, the truck bore

the name Van Der Spek TRANSPORT. The name of the firm (it would later

emerge that the company was only four days old ) triggered misgivings -

perhaps because it was close, but not identical, to that of an

established Dutch trucking company. The track, said a British customs

spokesman, "fit the profile of one that could be used to smuggle

cigarettes, drugs or contraband... It was a hunch."


It was just before midnight, Sunday, June 18, the hottest day of the

year, when the European Pathway pulled into Doverunder the city's

landmark chalk cliffs. Customs officials were waiting for the Mercedes

truck as it trundled off the ferry. They told the driver to back into

Bay 9 of the inspection shed. Opening the big doors to the airtight

refrigeration container. they first came across pallets of crated

tomatoes. Muscling the tomatoes aside, the officers found one body. Then

they found another body, and then another and another. In all, they

found 54 dead men, four dead women and two traumatized men clinging to

life - all of them young Chinese, probably from Fujian province, who had

been headed to Britain in search of jobs. "I will never forget the sight

that greeted us when we opened the back doors," one of the customs

inspectors said, "There were just piles and piles of bodies."


The calamity in Dover shook not only Britain, where nothing on such a

scale, had ever happened before, but all of Europe. From the boot of

Italy to the bords of Norway, immigrants are entering Europe in record

numbers. Pushed out of their own countries by economic hardship or

political turmoil, they are drawn to Europe's robust prosperity,

especially within the 15 countries of the European Union. "There is a

strategic equetion that produces a massive push to immigrate," says

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