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Nikolaev and Yakutia ()
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Ministry of Education RS (Yakutia)


The Yakut state university name M.K. Ammosova


Physicotechnical institute


Power faculty








Vasilev M., Archaxov F., Mixailov A.



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Zaxarova E.V.


Yakutsk 2002. THE CONTENTS


History . 4


A few words about richness . 5


Sovereignity 6


Economic relations ... 8


Mikhail Nikolaev ... 10


The conclusion . 11


The used literature 14


Yakutia is a well-known place in the world since ancient time. But

Republic of Yakutia has received its own flag and stamp only recently,

with receiving of true sovereignity. In opinion of majority of Republic

citizens, both of state symbols most conciseness express historical

destiny of Yakutia native people, their present day, their future and

nature of the north country.


Present sovereign Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is an exporter and

importer of goods production. But first of all a few words about





Beginning from the 17th century, with coming of Cossackslandwalders to

the Lena river, the Lena area, as they called Yakutia, attracted

attention of Russian tzars, and their close surrounding. Of course,

attention of Russian authorities to Yakutia was called by political and

economical matters in difference of attention of scientists,

travellers, men of letters.


Union of new lands, need in famous Yakutian fur, which was carrying off

abroad, to European and Asian countries, filling up the state treasure,

were necessary. Economic potention of Yakutia especially in the 20th

century, grew exceedingly, although it continued to serve as pantry of

natural richnesses only.




Before this time richness of sakha people was cattle and its products,

such as meat, milk and butter. Besides of this, it was nature: sakha,

evenks, evens, jukagirs and local Russians, they were rigorous and

silent, and nourished to nature the most tender feeling, used its gifts

in necessary degree to live in these austere conditions. Furs were used

only for practice. But in other hand, with sewing of clothes esthetical

feeling of the people was manifested, they decorated their clothes with

patterns, beads, other fur.


In the first half of the 17th century fairies appeared on the northeast,

and beginning in June 25,1768 a decree of Senate on instituting of

official fairies in Irkutsk, Yakutsk, Udinsk was adopted, Astonishing

fact was the quantity of merchants of second and third guilde, in

Yakutsk in 1823 they were 43, in Olyekminsk they were 10, in Vilyuisk



Thats why in the end of the 19th century Yakutian merchants traded on

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