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НазваThe conflicts of the modern world. A competitive society (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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David Guchua


Form 11 ‘A’


January 17, 1999







He, who commands the past, controls the future,


He, who controls the future, conquers the past.




In this composition I would like to discuss the conflicts of the modern

world and the consequences of the competitive society. Being asked about

this I usually start with competitive society. Because this is the thing

we face in every day life and always ask one question ourselves: ’Why

have we created the world full of troubles and problems whereas we

ourselves live in it?’ This sounds really paradoxical but it is true.

For instance, the taxes in our country bring so many troubles to people

who want to start their own business that the simply have to find ways

not to pay them. Thousands of examples all over the world can be given

here but the idea is that, understanding all this, we do not try even to

improve anything.


On the other hand competitive life exists even at school where pupils

are to participate in a so called ‘racing game’ which is based on

gaining better marks and results in everything. This idea is not new

that is why different people at different times tried to solve this

problem. The most famous is idea about social equality. The idea about

social equality is really silly, to my mind, because there will always

be one who will think that he is better than other and just only due to

this we will not ever get equality.


On the contrary, if there is no competitive society there is no

development. It is of no use of aspiring to best. Nothing but

competitive society made a man to make a fly to space. Besides, there

were a lot of other discoveries, which improved life and social

conditions, which happened only due to competitive society.


I believe, that there exists only one solution. It is nesessary to

develop the competitive society limited with strict law. Because we do

not realize that this competitive society reflects Darwin’s theory about

survival but on a higher level. Moreover, we do not realize that the

last level of such development is war.


From my point of view, the problem of war is the sharpest problem

nowadays due to invention of new high technological weapons and weapons

of massive destruction. It is extremely important to bear in mind that

the only horrible thing, which will ever happen, is third world war.


Wars are counterproductive and useless. War has no explanation. But

why do wars start? According to history wars can start because of the

territory division, problems of religion, envy, misunderstanding between

diplomats. However, there are many other reasons of war starts. The main

idea is that people do not usually understand the causes of war and do

not understand its reasons because politicians usually decide weather

the war starts or not. But let us pass over to the history of wars.


The main idea is that the first thousand male human beings were ever

gathered together, they belonged to an army, and large-scale slaughter

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