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НазваThe History and Profile of MiddleSex plc (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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MiddleSex Holdings is a diversified international company, operating in

primary industries (steel, non-ferrous metals and energy), financial

service and agriculture. Additionally, the company has trade investment

in gold and insurance businesses. It is principally engaged in the

emerging economies of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and

Central Asian republics.


The History and Profile of MiddleSex plc.


MiddleSex was founded in 1984, and originally was a small Welsh

goldmining company called Ferromet that Mainly could be described as

defunct company with a loss about 12m by the year 1991. At that stage,

the shares of the company were about .25p in the in the wake of the

disastrous career. Then in 1992 Phil Edmonds, the former English

cricketer, bought this company and renamed it after at his countryside.

But the company didn’t involve into its present shape until 1993, when

Masoud Alikhani joined the board and reversed his Russian businesses

into the company. Since then, MiddleSex has remained committed to Russia

and other CIS countries.


Over the last four years, MiddleSex has built up an impressive asset

portfolio, developed extensive experience and knowledge of Russian

industry and its Business etiquette and expanded its network of proven

contacts. MiddleSex has secured itself a fundamental and strategic role

in a number of core industries and is now focusing on five business



Steel (and direct reduced iron);


Non-ferrous metals (nickel);


Financial services ;


Energy; and




In addition, it has trade investment in gold and insurance.


(Each of this these streams in particular I’m going to describe later on

in my research paper. )


1996 proved to be a significant year for MiddleSex, in which the company

experienced strong growth. This is particularly evident in the metals

businesses, with steel being the fastest growing activity. Moreover, it

has become apparent that nickel and the agribusiness could take on a

more significant role in the MiddleSex’s future. Other noteworthy event

include the company’s appointment to GAZPROM, the world’s largest

natural gas producer, under which MiddleSex will assist GAZPROM with its

financial strategy. (In short words : GAZPROM is considering going ahead

with an innovative financial deal whose first stage will involve issuing

a Eurobond. MiddleSex - together with Interfin Services, a Russian trade

finance house that is also involved in capital markets - will advise

GAZPROM on dealing the financiers and on strategies for fundraising.

But, again, I’m going to explain in more details later on how this

alliance was built and what particularly this alliance means for

MiddleSex, because I think that this is the very important stage of the



Success of every company lies in its people.


Since 1993, the main driving force behind the company has been its

Chief Executive, Masoud Alikhani. Born in Iran and educated at the

Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, Mr. Alikhani’s work experience

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