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Created three since superfluous century back tragedies,

historical chronicles and the Shakespeare's comedies live till now,

excite and shake imagination of the spectators. The best theatres of the

world and the outstanding actors until now consider for themselves as

examination and happiness to put and to play his performance.


Having seen such performance or simply having read the play of

Shakespeare, you want, probably, to learn more about that, who has

created these products. But it not so is simple.


About life of the great playwright few items of information were

kept. Shakespeare did not write memoirs and did not conduct a diary.

There is no at us his correspondence with the contemporaries. The

manuscripts of the plays of Shakespeare were not kept also. We were

reached some by the documents, in which the different circumstances of

his life are mentioned. Each of these documents, even if in it some

words about Shakespeare, are investigated and is interpreted. As rare

historical values those are considered few клочки of a paper, on which

the dramatist’s hand writes some lines or simply there is his signature.


It was necessary to put a lot of work, which we could read now

about Shakespeare that each educated man should know about it.


William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564 in small English

town Stratford, located on to the river Avon. His father was the

handicraftsman and merchant. The story about childhood and Shakespeare’s

youth is complete of colorful details. However science cannot recognize

as their quite authentic. When Shakespeare there was by little more than

20 years, he   had suddenly to leave in Stratford. Young Shakespeare has

set off to London.


Having appeared in unfamiliar city without means, without of the

friends and familiar, he, as assert widespread   of the legend, earned

the first time for life by that watched at theatre of the horses, on

which came famous sirs. Later Shakespeare began to serve at theatre. He

watched, that the actors in time should leave on a stage, copied roles,

happened, and replaced the prompter. By a word, long before, how the

great playwright has deduced on a stage of the heroes, he has learned

hard life of theatre.


Some years have passed. Shakespeare has begun to charge small

roles at the theatre later, which have received the name "Globe", which

performances were a success in   London. The actor Shakespeare and did

not become, but his statements about actor's art, and main, magnificent

skill in construction of the play, testify to amazing knowledge of the

laws of a stage.


However, Shakespeare wrote not only play. His poems impressed of

the contemporaries also continue impress descendants by force of

feelings, by depth think, grace of the form. The readers can especially

well estimate Shakespeare’s sonnets, due to excellent translations.


But the main business for Shakespeare, passion by all him of

life was work of the playwright, creation of the plays.

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