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НазваCherkasy Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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	The “heart” of our young country is its capital, ancient and at the
same time young Kiev. And Cherkasy region we can trustfully consider the
soul of Ukraine. The very this region was the motherland of Cossack
movement, the hetman capital Chigirin is situated here. 


Cherkasy region gave birth to the prominent people – the first Ukraine’s
hetman Bogdan Khmelnitskiy, heroes of National Liberation War Peter
Doroshenko and Ivan Vygovskiy, Gaidamak movement leaders Zaliznyak and
Gonta, the world-known genius Taras Shevchenko, the nation’s prophet,
without which we can’t realize our purpose on the Earth. 


The region with 1,5 mn population is situated in the center of Ukraine
and can be trustfully called its visit card, because it comprises
something from every Ukraine’s region. 

The very region’s name is closely connected with its history – long ago
all Ukrainians were called cherkasy. 


Cherkasy region is famous not only for its historical past, but also our
present times, first of all due to the well-developed
agrarian-industrial complex, where about 1/3 of the gross national
domestic product is produced. For the intensive development of
agriculture in the region is created the chemical, processing and food
processing industries, modern machinery. This assists the comfortable
investment climate, the development of business partnership. 


Cherkasy region was founded on the 7 of January 1954 and is one of the
youngest Ukraine’s regions. It is situated in the center of Ukraine, its
territory is 20,9, that makes 3,5% of the total area. It borders
with the following regions: Kiev region in the north-west, Vinnitsa
region in the west, Poltava region in the north , Dnipropetrovsk region
in the east, and Kirovograd on south. 


According to the administrative-territory division the region consists
of 20 districts, 6 towns of regional and 10 towns of district
subordination, 15 settlements 826 villages. The regional center is


Cherkasy region has a glorious past, it has a lot of unique monuments of
history and culture. On the territory of the region it was found more
than100 settlements of Tripil culture about 100 villages and burial
graves of Scithian time. Cherkasy area was a part of the East-Slav
territory established on the beginning of A.D, and during the time of
Kievan Rus was the southern part of Kiev principality. 



The region is situated in the forest-steppe physical-geographic zone.
The area is hilly plain, the soil is mainly black. The climate is
temporally continental, with soft winters and warm summers. The average
temperature in summer is +20?C and in winter -5?C. 


Due to the climate conditions the region has various vegetation, is
famous for its beautiful forests and different fauna. The largest in the
forest-steppe zone Kaniv biogeographical reserve is located here (its
area is 2028 ha), also the world-known dendrologic park “ Sofievka” is
the pearl of gardening art, in 1996 it celebrated the 200 anniversary
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