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НазваChernihiv Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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	If the prophetic writing “The Song of Igor’s Military Campaign” holds
you in a firm grip, if the mere mentioning of a centuries-blessed
Chernigov, Novgorod-Severskiy, Lyubech and Baturin makes your heart
leap, please remember – this is a glorious history of our Polesskiy

If you’ve fallen in love with and managed to perceive the unique gift of
sculptor Ivan Martos, composer Leo Revutsky, wise truth of Mikhail
Kotsyubinskiy’s literary works, if you can’t but admire Pavlo Tychina’s
poetic gift and Aleksandr Dovzhenko’s genius, then you will surely
acknowledged how plentiful and rich in talented people this God-blessed
land is. 

If you’ve ever paid a single visit to a glamorous Trostyanets and
enchanting Kachanovka, the quiet flow of the picturesque Desna River has
excited your admiration, you have surely become intimately linked with
Chernigov land. 

If you find our selected potatoes and health-giving milk delicious, if
clothing made of polesskiy silk (flax) or trendy fabrics of the renowned
“Checkseal” Company appeal to you, if you are aware of a high-quality
tyre cord and reliable fire-fighting machinery, up-to-date telephone
exchanges and melodious bandores – please remember that all the above
mentioned and lots of other essential and valuable things are produced
by my relentless and skillful countrymen.

I hope you would find data about the past and present of the region, its
specific features and prospects most informative and worthy of your


Chernigov region is situated in the northern part of Ukraine, in
woodland and forest and steppe topographical zones. It has a unique
economic and geographical position, which is determined by proximity to
the borders of the three states – Ukraine, Russia (199 km of state
border line), Belarus (227 km of state border line) and affinity to the
capital city – Kiev. 

Such location accounts for the multinational pattern of its population,
which is made up of more than 90 nations and ethnic groups. However,
Ukrainians prevail. 

Chernigov region is a territory with advanced agriculture and powerful
industrial potential. Woollen fabrics, wallpaper, chemical fibers and
threads, cord fabric, protein skin, fire engines, equipment catering the
demands of agricultural, industrial and oil-producing complexes provide
by far an incomplete list of the Chernigov brand products of nation and
worldwide acclaim. More than one third of national production of flax, a
considerable part of potatoes, grain, milk and meat are produced in
Chernigov land. 

Access to most attractive markets, highly trained personnel, special
investment conditions in the region’s northern part, powerful industrial
potential and the riches of our land offer good opportunities and make
the region a lucrative area for investment. 

Ancient Chernigov land boasts of host of historical and architectural
landmarks of XI-XII and XVII-XIX centuries. More than 200 of them are of
worldwide significance. 

People is the greatest asset to Siverskaya land. Owing to their tireless
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