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НазваChernivtsi Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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	Chernivtsi region is situated in the South-west of Ukraine in
foremountain zone of the Carpathian mountains occupying the
Prut-Dniester interfluve. The region was created on August 7th, 1940, as
a result of unification of the northern part of Bucovyna and Khotyn
county of Bessarabia. The oblast borders on the Ivano-Frankivsk, the
Ternopil, Khmelnytsky and the Vinnytsia regions of Ukraine, Romania and
Republic of Moldova. 

The region’s territory is 8,100 sq. km which is 1,3% of Ukraine’s

The population numbers 922,8 thousand inhabitants, most part of it is
rural (60,0%). The region is multi-nation, including 70 nationalities:
70,8% of population are Ukrainians, 10,7% – Romanians, 9% – Moldavians,
6,7% – Russians, 1,7% – Jewish and 0,5% – Polish. 

The region is devided into 11 administrative districts. It includes 11
cities, 8 towns, 398 villages. The regional center is the city of
Chernivtsi with population of 240,6 thousand and which occupies the
territory of 15,3 thousand hectars on both sides of the Prut river. 

Chernivtsi region has favourable transport and geographical location,
has a developped railway, motor road pipe and electrical line structure.
The regional center has convenient railroad connection with european
capitals: Bucharest, Sofia, Belgrad, Moscow. 

The region is rich in natural resources. Four oil-gas-bearing deposits
(Lopushne, Chornoguzy, Krasnoilsk, Sheremetiv) have been found in the
Chernivtsi region territory. Above ten oil-gas-promising areas have been
recently opened in the Vyzhnytsia, Novoselytsia, Storozhynets’, Putila

There are a lot of building materials in the region bowels. Considerable
deposits of gypsum and anhydride exist in the Dniester area and the Prut
basin. The northem and eastem districts of the region are rich in marls
and limestone. In Krasnoilsk there is a promising deposit of marble.
There are also diposits of quartzits, potassium; sources of mineral
water such as “Izhevsk”, “Matsest”, “Borzhomi”, “Naftusia”. 

There are more than 70 rivers on the region’s territory which belong to
Danube and Dnister basins. The basis of river system are Dnister, Prut,
Siret, Cheremosh. 

Chernivtsi region includes 243 forest recreational territories and sites
and 7 natural reserves, 8 natural historical sites, botanic and
dendrological park of Chernivtsi national university, Vyzhnytsia natural
park and Storozhynets dendropark of state-level importance and are
included into transnational ecological net of Carpathians (TACIS
project), and also 136 natural historical sites, 40 parks that are sites
of garden and park art, as well as 39 natural reserves of local
importance. Landscape reserves in Luzhky, Stebnik, Tsetsino,
ornitological reserve in Darnytsa, forest reserves in Lunkivtsi and
Petrivtsi are included into the list of reserves of state-level
importance. Natural reserve Bilka, caves Bukovynka, Popelyushka,
Balamutivska, Shylivskyy forest, Tysovyy ravine are belonged to the
natural historical sites of state-level importance. 
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